This is my art for arts sake work. Mostly me screwing around to see what's possible.

Fem with props

Another fast experiment with adding props. Default pose for a nude fem. I added two Torii (Toruses?) and placed them for modesty. The sphere came next. Then I added the hair and picked a face out of the standeard library.

Gung Fu Sketch

Using the bodysuit figure and a basic martial arts pose, I just used the sketch display option to get that cool art geek sketchpad look.

headshot alpha

I got the sunglasses from the Poser forum and did this quick headshot. I did a little minor editing, recolored the lips & eyebrows, added the shirt and set the facial expression.

mermaid in an egg chair with bear

A surrealistic moment.
This picture is featured in a collection of Bell, Ball and Egg Chairs.

All images are Copyright © Mark Urbin
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