In Space, you don't need wings...

From: Joseph K Mcallister <jkm2@Ra.MsState.Edu>
Subject: [] Re: X-Wing / Star Fury
Date: 16 Mar 1995 20:12:15 GMT
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Subject: Re: X-Wing / Star Fury

In (3jl9c3$, (Ruben Garza, Jr.) writes:
>2) Ships CAN bank in space if the navigation system translates stick
>   movements into a series of thruster bursts.  We don't see them,
>   but that doesn't mean the X-Wing isn't covered with small thrusters.
I can see it now:

Contractor: Well, General, I understand you're looking into new space fighter specifications.

General: Yes, you see, our current ships are OK, but the pilots complain that they don't look cool when they're flying, so we'd like you to try something like this: [spreads out documents]

[mumble, mumble, mumble]

Contractor: OK, you want us to increase the fuel capacity by 30% percent so we have more to blow away making the ships imitate atmospheric behavior in vacuum.

General: Yes, that's it exactly!

[Contractor pushes concealed button. Two men in trenchcoats enter and grab General.]

Contractor: Well, boys, it seems we've got our saboteur. Don't hurt him, though, he's a just a harmless looney who happened to be in the wrong place.

Man#1: So he's the one who ordered the 10,000,000 horses to walk in front of the tanks?

Man#2: He's the one who caused all the pilot deaths trying to go around the four 1000-foot masts he had mounted on the carrier?

Contractor: Yup....

General: [struggling] But you don't understand! 100-foot giant robots are so much neater than tanks! Women go crazy for men with a really long sword! Philistines! You're all Philistines!

[merciful fade to black]

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