From: (Ryan G. Faith)
Newsgroups: sci.military
Subject: Re: Small tanks / Power armor
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Date: 6 Aug 91 02:29:33 GMT
Sender: (william.a.thacker)
Organization: University of Illinois at Urbana
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From: (Ryan G. Faith)
SOmetime back I mentioned the use of a "lower-tech" power armor under development by the US Army, which integrated great NBC protection as well as protection against kinetic, thermal etc etc. attacks. I would think that such a system would be fairly useful insofar as it can be developed within the next decade. Given operation costs and training costs of the really gaudy power armor, could it be that the protection outfit envisioned by the us army might be a better value in terms of the number of people which you can field at any one time as well as on a cost per unit/platoon/division kind of basis?

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