Dutchess County - Empire State

About 60 miles up the East side of the Hudson River from Manhatten is the quiet farmlands of Dutchess County. The only hot spot is the County Seat in Poughkeepsie. There you can find a good off Broadway act or a hot jazz band a bit farther from the main drag.

The rest of the county is primarly farmland with some light industry building up around Poughkeepsie. An airfield has sprung up on the border of the nearby Town of Wappingers (Where the Dutchess County Airport is today, but that wasn't built by the Army Air Corp until FDR was President. It was to support him during the time he spent in his home in Hyde Park. Which is just north of Poughkeepsie). This field is the formal, paved, runway funded and operated by the Empire State. There are a lot of older planes flying out of open fields throughout the county.
One such field is in Reinbeck. It's run by former pilots and maintance crews from the War. (The Reinbeck Aerodrome is an actual field were you can see World War I era planes fly each weekend during the summer.)

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