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The Crimson Skies boxed set focuses on the former United States. Little is said of the rest of the world
Here are some of my thoughts on the subject. They include work previously done in the CS forum


The French were early aviation pioneers. If they kept this flame alive, they are in better position in the CS world.
Allies with Louisiana & Quebec.

German is united under Chancellor Hitler. Allied with the ISA of North America.
German Zepps dominate the European skies.
England is expanding their naval domaniance to be a modern naval carrier fleet.
They are also expanding their Zepp fleet to counter the German threat.
England is allied with Dixie.

White and Red Russians are based in the Independent State of Alaska and are still fighting it out.


Hawaii is a sovereign kingdom. Links to Pacifica? Needs to develop sea/air power. Naval Carriers as well as Zepp Carriers need to be built, crewed and deployed. This island kingdom is strategically located but lacks the technical infrastructure. They are going to have to be politically savy. This leads to the islands being a hotbed of spies, saber rattling, and political dealings.
How many nations will maintain a naval/Zepp carrier presence just out side the Hawaiian sovereign waters?

Japan is militaristic and expansionist. They have invaded China. There is no Central US government to pressure them. Thus they don't have the need to attack the American Navy at Pearl Harbor. If that threat doesn't exist, Japan can take the time to absorb their Chinese and island conquests.
Japan's primary contact with the former US is Pacifica.

The Philippines was a US territory. When the US splinters, it probably goes independent. Ties may exist to Pacifica.

Australia: Japan's major opponent is the South Pacific. Stronger links made with Great Britain to offset the Japanese expansionist threat. If Japan does take the time to absorb, this could develop into a real cold war situation


Still reeling from the Japanese invasion. Will the remaining War Lords band together to fight the invaders?

North America:

Canada has splintered. Ontario is listed as a separate and sovereign nation.
Other Canadian states are likely to be:
Quebec, an ally of the Louisiana Free State.
The Western provinces probably band together or Native American nations carve out territory.
The Eastern provinces may ally with their southern neighbors.
Alaska? Part of Pacifica or a separate nation?
Mexico is well documented to be a pirate haven.

Central America:

The Zone: The Panama Canal Zone was bit of American 50 miles long and 10 miles wide in the middle of Central America.
When the US fragmented, the Governor, a former US Army Corps of Engineers General declared the Zone's independence and nationalized the numerous military assets located in the Zone. Close ties to local Panamian government were made closer, with the Zone troops providing the backbone of what is for all practical purposes, a combined military force. Even with Cargo Zepps, it's still cheaper to ship bulk cargo by ship. The Zone government maintains the Canal, it's neutrality and the collection of it's fees.
Aircover is provided by land by Howard Airfield on the Atlantic side and Albrook Airfield on the Pacific side. Arrangements are underway to purchase carrier Zepps under both the Panama & Zone flags.
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