Marine Gear for the Near Earth Traveller Campaign

Marine Gear

ACR SMR3 - Sayat-Maytag Rifle model 3


A fairly standard Book 4 ACR

PDF Colt P17 Personal Defense Weapon
Caseless 9mm autopistol with a 15 round magazine.
Options include:

A standard Traveller autopistol

SNUB Pistol Nambu SP5
This is a large, light weight, semi-automatic pistol that fires low velocity 10mm, 7gm rounds at velocities of 100-150 mps.  The weapon is 10cm in length and weighs 300 grams unloaded.  A 20 round, extended magazine weighs 125 grams.
This weapon is designed for low to zero gravity situations.
Ammunition types include: tranquilizer, gas, HE & HEAP

H&K MP9K SMG § Caseless 9mm

A standard Traveller SMG

CAW - (Close Assault Weapon) 12 Gauge (15mm) shotgun.  Bullpup configuration, semi-auto & burst fire options.
Rounds include:

Magazine options include 10 round box & 30 round drum
A little more than standard Traveller shotgun, but close enough

Marine Fighting knife

First Aid Kit

Flack Jacket

The Mil-Comp:

The Marine issue unit fits in an armored case on the wearer's load bearing harness, which automatically connects to the fiber optic connections to the med sensors, comm. unit & helmet.

BDUs Passive IR muddling, partial NBC protection. Trousers & shirt combination.  Lots of pockets.  Issued in various camouflage patterns.
The Smart T-Shirt.  Part of the standard UN Military uniform.  This smart garment monitors respiration, pulse, blood pressure, and some other stuff.  It has a sensor over the wearer's med chip & can pipe that data (along with the data it collects) to the wearer's Mil-Comp.  This garment also reports damage, such as holes made by fast moving objects.  So when a Marine is shot, his Smart T-Shirt reports not only locations & sizes of the entry & exit wounds, but the sudden loss of blood pressure as well, to the Mil-Comp, which patches into the wearer's comm. unit and places a distress call to the nearest medical personnel.

Laser rifle
Squad Automatic Weapon (light machine gun) The SAW (Squad Automatic Weapon) – uses the same binary propellant 7mm round as the ACR.  Two feed systems.  One is sealed drum magazine 100 rounds on a disintegrating link.  Alternate feed is a side attached magazine. This accepts the same magazine as the ACR.
Typical mix in a drum magazine is: tracer, DS, HEAP, DS, HEAP, and repeat.
Bipod & sling equipped.

Medium Machine Gun
60mm mortar
Tac Missiles
Light Assault Gun: This heavy rifle fires a 20mm, 30 gram round at velocities of 400-500 meters per second.  It uses a 5 round magazine.  Standard rounds include: HE, flechette and 20/9mm DS. Weight: 4 Kilograms, unloaded.  Loaded magazine weighs 500 grams.  A favored weapon of Marine snipers.

All UN Armed Forces have a standard med chip implanted under their skin, on the left shoulder. This encrypted chip contains their medical records.  It can be read by Standard UN Military medical scanners and updated by qualified personnel.

Marine Uniforms:
Class A uniforms:  Formal Parade Dress Uniforms.
BDU: The afore mentioned Battle Dress Uniforms. Marines also refer to this as the Utility uniform, or simply Utilities
Combat Environment Suit: A neck to toe air-tight loose fitting suit constructed of ballistic cloth generally worn open at the neck and wrists.  The suit has hard pads at the knees and elbows. It fits tightly around the feet, so standard combat boots can be worn.
For protection from: most chemical agents, tainted atmospheres, biological agents, and some other stuff; add gauntlets and pull over clear “head bag” (stored in the collar).  The standard issue Marine helmet also has an attachment that can complete the seal, elminating the less efficent head bag. The suit has internal and external milspec fiber optic connections. This allows the Smart T-Shirt worn under the suit to connect to the Mil-Comp attached to the load bearing flack jacket worn over the suit.
This is fairly new & expensive equipment issued to the Drake’s Marine detachment.
Jumpsuit: Standard Space Fleet Marine issue.  Single piece, plenty of Velcro shut pockets. May be refered to as Fleet Utilities .
Vacc Suits: Marine Vacc Suits are, unlike the Naval Vacc Suits, armored. The finish is light absorbing and ablative once the frequency got up to weapons grade.  The outer layer is also Radar absorbent. The next layer is a fine mesh of very hard plastic rings.  That provides protected against most edged weapons.  The next layer in is the actual pressure suit of Ballistic Weave. Most of the suit electronics are built in to the torso hard shell. That meant a smaller PLSS, and thus more room for gear. Standard gear included extra propellant tanks for the built in maneuver jets; reels of cable attached to jet propelled boarding harpoons, larger batteries for the laser rifles; and all the other standard gear Marines use to board and pacify hostile space vessels. A new additions to this class of  suit isa standard retractable, Crystaliron spike built into each forearm. In tight airless corridors, they were more efficient than a boarding axe.

A note on Personal weapons:

Personal weapons are strictly against Marine Corps & Naval regulations.
Many Marine NCOs (and some officers) carry them into combat.

· Knives

o A family or unit heirloom such as K-Bar or the bayonet used by Granddad in the Mars Riots.

· Revolvers

o Prized for their simplicity & reliability. Most still use brass cartridge ammunition.  Reloading presses occupy the same niche as the unit still

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