"I wonder if the T5 core rules will be in iambic pentameter?"

Emperor: Most Gracious Ilelish, noble cousin,
        Gladly we give you once again welcome,
        And bid you a fair stay here in the palace.
        But how now? What is it that has vexed you
        And driven you across the sunless voids
        with such pressing urgency? Speak, I pray you.

Dulinor (aside): Now, let cold purpose blossom suddenly,
        Into hot wrathy murder. I'll dither no more.
        But wait! See how the throne overarchingly,
        Doth embrace great Strephon with its armor.
        I'll induce him to rise. (Extends hand)

Emp: See, noble Empress,
        He has mastered himself once again.
        Like to a pack of Vargr struggling,
        All against all, to strike first their enemy,
        Did I see his thoughts contend within him,
        Marring his radiant face. Come, fair one;
        We'll descend together, to meet with him.

Empress: Most Loyal Illethian!

Dul (aside)                                O horror!
        That this gracious gesture should be doom's seal!
        Now I am come to the moment; but yet
        No fire burns in me. Would that I believed!
        There's fire enough for a thousand murders,
        A thousand thousand times and then again,
        Where my bloody road will take me. O Reason!
        Aye, there's reasons enough; but Reason's no killer.
        Hark, he waits. Turn back, Archduke; put aside
        your intent and embrace your noble liege! (Draws pistol)

Emp: What! Put up, Villain!

Dul:                                Thou murderous fool! (Fires)

Emp: 'Swouds! I am felled.

Empress:                                O mercy, mercy!

Dul (firing): None for any! Let bloody regicide
       Unfurl her dark banner! Let all be heir
       To this day; for Strephon will have none more. (Shoots the Princess)

All: Treason! Treason! O murder most foul!

Dul (shooting the Aslan ambassador):        Oops.

--Fred "Wait, that doesn't scan, does it?" Ramen

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