[Scene: the bridge of a well-to-do oytrip's starship. A LEADER and a DRONE are present]

Drone: They are here, one-who-leads-by-birth

Leader: Send them in!

[Enter two droyne sports: ESPOY, carrying a towel, and THAUUSK, wearing a human's straw boater on his head.]

Espoy: Greetings, your munificence.

Thauusk: How can such poor ones as we sports assist your greatness?

L: You know, I'm surprised to see you two here.

E: Yes, most are. After all, we have braved many dangers...

T: ...survived many adventures...

Both: ...and risked great odds, all in the glory of your service!

L: That's not quite what I meant. I thought you two were ordered to commit krinaytsyu last month.

E: Eh?

T: ...That is to say...

L: Look, there's no point in shilly-shallying about. Your useful services to the oytrip are at an end. So get with the krinaytsyuing. Right now.

E: (stammering) But surely...there must be...

T: (shouts) The coyns!

L: What?

E: (self-assured again) Yes, your munificence. Surely such an occasion as this demands that we cast the coyns. The forms must be obeyed and all that.

L: Oh, very well. Drone! Fetch me my coyns!

E: No need for that. Thauusk, don't you have that set of "special" coyns?

T: Ah, yes, chum, the ones we "rescued" from that Ancients site.

E: _Exactly_

T: Now, your munificence, take special care. We learned this technique from an ancient inscription. I'm going to place a coyn under one of these three nutshells, see, and you have to guess which one it's under...

Written by:

Fred "Three oynsnarks for Munster Mark" Ramen

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