Fred Ramen, Scout and Entertainer

Generation Method: See Kinsey, "Biology of the Sophonts"
768BC6, 29 years old

Cr 20,000 in the bank, Cr 30,000 in outstanding debts
Hand Computer, extensive book collection, Type S Scout/Courier Spinward Shemp

Never officially a member of the IISS, Ramen has nonetheless been a "permanent temp" for many years now. He supplements his income by appearing with the infamous Larsen E. Whipsnade in a variety of MYMINES, Inc. produced "entertainments," which have proved bizarrely popular. The bulk of his fortune was acquired on the once-popular TNS Quiz Show, "Extreme Danger," several years ago.

The real Fred Ramen is a big LotR fan.
Here is his take on Orcs and an interesting bit of cross genre fan fiction
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