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Palm is a spin-off company of 3Com

I retired my faithful (and rather powerful) HP 200LX palmtop for a (at the time) spanking new 3Com PalmPilot Professional. The HP was just at the hairy edge of being small enough to carry around enough to make the thing useful. The Palmpilot really does fit in a shirt pocket. This is a major feature.  If it's small enough to carry around, then you will use it.  It's also around $400 less expensive. So far, I'm happy. I like the desktop software, and the hot synch feature is a major selling point.

Since then, I've upgraded my Pro with the 2meg & Infra-red upgrade board, then broke down for a Palm V!
My third Palm was a Palm IIIc. It's way cool! I was pushing the memory limits on my Palm V, so I've gone nuts loading new stuff on my 8Meg IIIc. The color screen is very sharp too.
Since then I decided wireless is cooler than color and picked up an i705.  Then I geeked heavily for a Tungsten C.  The first WiFi Palm.
I've been happy with that one, but after 4 years it's showing some wear and tear.  The WiFi stopped working after a Firmware upgrade and the battery just doesn't hold a charge like it used to.
To replace it, I picked up Lifedrive model, which is being end of lifed.  It does however have several nice features

Palm is has been dead for a while now (March 2013).  Shame.  Ground breaking technology, but couldn't standup to more modern mobile Operating Systems that were designed for Smart Phones from the git go.  I switched to the iPhone (yes, the original iPhone) and have stuck with it.  I've used Android phones, which are cool, but I haven't seen one that is sooo great it would make me want to go through the hassle of switching iPhone ecosystems.

The old palm models are:


Local E-Text: These are in AportisDoc format. I'll convert thsese to EPub and Mobi (unencrypted) and update this page with those docs as well.

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For a whole bunch of free etext, try the Baen CDs and the Baen Free Library.

The Palm Pilot organizer isn't just a sales success. It's reaching cult status. At the Feb. 18 meeting of President Clinton's high-tech Advisory Committee in Santa Clara, Calif., 15 of the 22 members whipped out the Palm to schedule future meetings. -- Business Week, March 1998.

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