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Signature Quotes: Politics, Part 20

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One thing I guess I didn’t believe 16 years ago is that America would elect such a feckless President in 2008, and stand idly by while he flushed our global position, and security, down a left-wing toilet. But we did, and we’ll be paying the price for a long time." -- Glenn Reynolds, September 11, 2017
"It is evil "robber baron capitalism" that allows you to tweet from an iPhone while standing in front of stocked grocery shelves."
"I love it when communists act like their ideology hasn't killed more people than Hitler and the bubonic plague combined."
"The problem with Venezuela is not that socialism has been poorly implemented, but that socialism has been faithfully implemented. From the Soviet Union to Cuba to Venezuela, wherever true socialism or communism has been adopted, it has delivered anguish and devastation and failure. Those who preach the tenets of these discredited ideologies only contribute to the continued suffering of the people who live under these cruel systems." -- President Donald J. Trump
"The smart way to keep people passive and obedient is to strictly limit the spectrum of acceptable opinion, but allow very lively debate within that spectrum." -- Noam Chomsky
"If congress wanted us all dead it would be easier to just put the democrats from Flint in charge of our water supply." -- Larry Correia
"Liberals are geniuses at unleashing social panics because
A) it never occurs to them that their motives are anything but pure and
B) because they are almost exclusively focused on short term tactics.
And yet they are invariably shocked when these moral frenzies come back to bite them. McCarthyism was a direct consequence of both the Red Scare and the Brown Scare. And when the tactics they mastered were turned on them, they acted as if they came from nowhere." -- Jonah Goldberg
2016: Celebrities acting morally superior to Trump and chiding people for supporting such an obviously evil man.
2017: Turns out a lot of them are rapists.
"Roy Moore, Al Franken and Joe Biden walk into a bar...and run into Bill Clinton."
"Conservatism is based on facts, logic, and reality. Liberalism is based on theory, feelings, and fantasy." -- Dana Perino
"Democrats were angry when Republicans took away their slaves after the Civil War, now they're angry because their race card is overdrawn and useless at the politics bank." -- Harry Gato (@harrygato)
"If you are black and vote for a Democrat, you are a political chump." -- Malcolm X
"The policy of the American government is to leave their citizens free, neither restraining nor aiding them in their pursuits." -- Thomas Jefferson, third President of the United States of America
If I had a dollar for every time Socialism worked, I would have zero dollars.
And ironically, if Socialism did work, I would still have zero dollars.
'Hate speech' is a made-up term used to justify censorship. It’s an un-American idea, used by anti-American people. It’s a marker for fascism. -- Glenn Reynolds
"If George W. Bush - or Mitt Romney - had pushed back against the media 1/10 as hard as Trump does, there wouldn't be a President Trump. For that matter, there wouldn't be a President Trump if the media had pushed back against Barack Obama 1/10 as hard as they pushed against Bush, Romney, or Trump." -- Glenn Reynolds
"Socialists say that the most diabolical crime against society is profit. Private industry runs at a profit and uses that profit to expand its producing capacity. Government industry runs at a loss and taxes the substance of the people to pay for its inefficiencies. Which the the greater crime against society?" -- John T. Flynn
"Antifa are the nearest thing to blackshirt fascists we have in our society. They are as vile and hateful as any Nazi."
"Kollusion Kangaroo Kourt"
"If your answer to every failure of government is more government, you are like an alcoholic trying to drink yourself sober." -- Will Spencer
"The Democrats' central concern isn't that taxes will be raised on the middle class, but that Republicans are taking away money that Democrats believe belongs to the federal government. This is the root of all the "heist" rhetoric — Democrats no longer believe in the basic principle of private property." -- Tyler O'Neil
"Socialists don’t care about the poor, they just hate the rich."
"The difference between a republic and a people's republic is a lot like the difference between a jacket and a strait jacket." -- Ronald Reagan
"Remember this: Not a single democrat voted for tax cuts for American citizens, yet every democrat is willing to shut down the government to get amnesty for illegal aliens."
"Here is everything you need to know about democrats. They call Americans "deplorables", and illegal immigrants "dreamers."
"Americans are dreamers too." -- President Donald Trump
"You have to be a dog to hear a dog whistle."
"Putting a rich white liberal from New England to respond to the SOTU is a funny way to win back the working class Americans that ditched the Dems in 2016, but whatever." -- Liz Shield
"So the American Civil Liberties Union complained that the American President said “America” too much while giving a report on the state of the Union of American states to the American congress as required by the constitution of the United States of America."
"Communism is based on sucha faulty view of the world that it could only appeal to either ignorant young people, or malevolent opportunists."
"Conservatives seek to limit the power of government in order to maximize the freedom of the individual."
"Late-stage socialism always involves fights over who gets to plunder the last corpses." -- Stephen Green
"We were told the release of the [Republican] memo would spark a constitutional crisis. I agree: it is evident the Democrats and the administrative state are not interested in participating in the American checks and balances system." -- Liz Sheld
"Nobody with open eyes can any longer doubt that the danger to personal freedom comes chiefly from the left." -- Friedrich Hayek

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