Spot on statement in reference to our Dear Leader

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By way of Leslie Bates comes this spot on observation:

We should stop the comparisons [of Barak H. Obama] to Hitler. At least Hitler got the Olympics to come to Berlin.

Friday B-Movie Pick: Frank & Jesse

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Frank and Jesse

Back in the early 1990’s, I worked on a project that produced the first commercial grade digitial video servers. One of our customers was the largest pay per view company in Canada. During the early days of their role out, we would digitize and preview their films for quality purposes. Needless to say, I saw a lot of B-Movies while working on that project. Frank and Jesse was one of those.

Friday B-Movie Archive

Monday Book Pick:

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Ya, ya, it’s Friday already.  Various technical difficulties slowed down posting this week.  Nothing major, and I’m back on track.  B-Movie pick will show up later….

Arguing with Idiots by Glenn Beck

That candy munching, round faced former acoholic is at again. This time, he’s dressing up as “the Book Czar” and telling you to buy his book. Fact filled and organized to counter the pretty consistantly fact free arguments of the typical leftiest. No wonder they hate this guy over at MSNC.

Monday Book Pick Archive.

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