What the MSM isn’t telling you about the Pentagon Shooter.

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CNN has a long, detailed story about John Patrick Bedell, the fellow who traveled across the country in order to open fire at guards at an entrance to the Pentagon.

What that long, detailed story leaves out is any mention that Bedell is a registered democrat, a 9/11 conspiracy theorist, and a rabid left wing liberal who hates former President George W. Bush.

Don’t expect to hear that particular bit of truth to be utter at MSNBC, ABC or CBS “News.” It doesn’t fit their particular brand of reality.

Quote of the Day

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“Having lived with Global Thermonuclear War with the Soviet Union, Global Cooling, the Population Bomb, DDT, AIDS, the Elbola virus, a half dozen other doomsday issues, and now Global Warming, life like living in one long 1970’s disaster film.” — Mark Urbin

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