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“Liberalism is a religion. It affords a feeling of spiritual rectitude at little or no cost. Central to this religion is the assertion that evil does not exist, all conflict being attributed to a lack of understanding between the opposed. Well and good, but this does not accord with the experience of anyone.”

David Mamet, The Secret Knowledge


Monday Book Pick: How The Obama Administration Threatens Our National Security

Victor David Hanson’s book How The Obama Administration Threatens Our National Security

A Memorial Day special edition Monday Book Pick.

Here is a video that summarizes the book nicely.

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R.I.P Jeff Conaway

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Jeff Conaway, who played Zack Allen, the troubled Security Agent who ended up being Chief of Security on Babylon 5, died on Friday.

Conaway was also known for some other work he did in some musical and a TV sitcom, but IMNSHO, his best work was on Babylon 5.

Thank you for sharing your talent with us Mr. Conaway.  Rest easy beyond the Rim.

Media Thesaurus

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Republican Spending = “spending”

Democratic Spending = “investments”

Republican Cuts = “cuts”

Democratic Cuts = “reforms”

As Ace has spoken, so shall it shall be written

More at Hot Air

The Left’s ‘New Civility’

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It’s clearly the same as their ‘Old Civility.’

Latest example, far left wing extremist and MSNBC “host” Ed Schultz made vile personal attacks against conservative commentator Laura Ingraham on the air.

The management at MSNBC did pull him off the air for it, but let’s see if this is a real firing or an “Olbermann firing.”

Waiting for NOW to condemn his sexist hate speech…ok, that was laugh line.


Obame Regime claims the War Powers Act doesn’t apply to them.

Jake Tapper of ABC news reports on the latest whopper from the Imperial Obama Regime.

Our Dear Leader claims that his unprovoked war on Libya, which presented no immediate threat to the United States of America, does not require Congressional approval.   Why, because it’s just a ‘little war.’   Things like the Constitution and the War Powers Act clearly don’t apply to the whims of Dear Leader under the rule of the Obama Regime.

Monday Book Pick: Flaming Zeppelins

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Flaming Zeppelins by Joe R. Landale

A nifty little farce combining multiple historical and fictional characters in a series of adventures, complete with cross dimensional rifts to stir the pot a bit. Reminded me of lot of Philip Jose Farmer’s writing as various fictional authors, with just a dash of Robert Heinlein’s The Number of the Beast thrown in for good measure. The cast includes Annie Oakley, Wild Bill Hickock, Buffalo Bill Cody’s animated head, Mark Twain, Jules Verne, Martian invaders and more. That includes Ned the Seal. Ned doesn’t talk, that would be silly. He does write a lot on a notepad he wears on a chain around his neck though.

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Leftists against Free Speech

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Yup, there is nothing as intolerant and closed minded as a “tolerant and open minded liberal.”

In the left’s mindset, the First Amendment only applies when you spout what they want you to say.

Watch the people signing the petition in this video for a good example of intolerant, ignorant people spouting hate.

Friday B-Movie Pick: The A-Team

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The A-Team

For pure crunch B-Movie goodness, I’m gonna have to go with this tribute to the 1980’s TV series. There were “film critics” who complained that the movie was too fast paced, too loud and was short on plot. Dude! It’s the A-Team! It’s all about loud and fast. Plot wasn’t even in the top five! Fun was right up there with loud and fast though. This wasn’t a bloody ‘art film’ you discussed over expressos. It’s a comedic action movie that was true to the original series, right down to the cigars and Ruger Mini-14s! For extra bonus nerd points, how many of you caught the A-Team/Star Trek reference in the movie? The name of Dwight Schultz’s character from ST:TNG was briefly flashed on screen during the 3D movie scene.

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Friday B-Movie Pick: Looker

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Ya, it’s Friday the 13th, but I’m going to skip the obvious horror film selection, and go with this Michael Crichton classic from 1981. Sort of a SciFi suspense/thriller about your average Hollywood plastic surgeon getting caught up the murder of beautiful young actresses/models. It has a good cast, which includes James Coburn, Albert Finney and Susan Dey.

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