Best Documentary of the political season

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By documentary, I mean an actual documentary that fits the definition of a documentary, unlike the propaganda films put out by the massively obese hack who’s best, and most honest, work was Canadian Bacon.

Sarah Palin: The Undefeated tells the actual truth behind Sarah Palin’s career in Alaskan politics, here brief stint as John McCain’s running mate, how the left made it their primary goal to destroy her personally, and how how she turned leaving the Governorship of Alaska in the wake of hyper partisan personal attacks into a role in National politics that allowed her to be a far more public voice in the lower 48, leading to the record breaking 2010 elections that handed defeat after defeat to the far left democrat leadership.

This movie presents the facts that the left and their media puppets don’t want you to know.  The story that they want to drown in hate filled screeds repeating lie after lie, instead of debating the actual truth of her record.

Gov. Palin passed the left’s Kobayashi Maru test, for which they hate her even more for.

Back in 2008, Barack Obama was all for oil pipelines

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Now he is endangering America’s energy future and killing jobs by blocking oil pipelines.

Best Damn Video of the Year

Once again, best Damn Video of the Year so far.
She nails how a vast majority of Americans feels about our Dear Leader.

Gas at $6 a Gallon. Is this change you were hoping for?

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It’s official, gas has hit $5.999 in Florida, which for those of you with poor math skills, is $6.

Despite what that lying hack of a White House Press Secretary says, this is a direct result of our Dear Leader’s policies, including his monetary policies.

Just how is that Hopey Changey thing working out for ya?


Monday Book Pick: The Sixth Column

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The Sixth Column by Robert A. Heinlein

The first published work by Robert Heinlein, originally as a serial in the pulps of the 1940s. Based on an outline by John Campbell, Heinlein took some of the edge off the overt racism in the outline. Keep in mind that was written in the 1940s and incidents such as the Rape of Nanking were know. It’s good Heinlein, not great Heinlein.

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Friday B-Movie Pick: Hanna

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A modern spy thriller with a nice Cold War feel to it. Good cast, great action and visually pleasing. Fire up the popcorn and enjoy.

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Monday Book Pick: Perigee

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Perigee by Patrick Chiles

A near future novel about the way we should be traveling now! A ripping good yarn with steely eyed Missile Men and Women doing the Right Stuff. To make it even better, the science is so hard it throbs.

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