Friday B-Movie Pick: Scott Pilgrim vs. The World

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Scott Pilgrim vs The World

Light video game action fun with a good cast. Nice fight scenes and ya, it was cool that Knives uses Butterfly Swords. Romona’s giant hammer was cool too.

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    […] This is the fourth Die Hard film, or the saga of John McClane, a man who keeps ending up in the wrong place at the wrong time. This time, it’s fighting rouge Cyber White Hats gone extremely black. Plenty of action, lots of gun fu and even some movie kung fu supplied by Maggie Q. Justin Long plays the cyber-geek sidekick who really doesn’t want to be involved the whole thing. For B-Movie bonus points, Mary Elizabeth Winstead plays McClane’s daughter Lucy. She has been in another B-Movie pick, Scott Pilgrim vs. The World. […]

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