A couple of Weinergate updates

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First off, the predictable response of the far left extremist spokesperson the democrat party, Debbie Wasserman-Schultz.

This is Wasserman-Schultz stonewalling on WeinerGate, defending her hyper-partisan college Rep. “Crotch Shot” Weiner

Avoid the question, repeat the scripted talking point, no substance, no solution.

Let’s go back not that long ago and see what she had to say when the congressman with the “personal matter” had a ‘R’ after his name.

What I’ve called for is an investigation to be completed within 10 days. And quite honestly, yes, I do think that Denny Hastert should resign . . . I‘d like to see the Republican caucus call upon their leadership, Speaker Hastert, Majority Leader Boehner, to get this resolved quickly. Do it before the election. And I haven‘t heard them say that. They‘re saying have the FBI investigate, have the House Ethics Committee investigate. They need to push their leadership to get this resolved so that they can move on, and we can make sure that we can restore the trust that they have shaken the public in Congress.

A predicable, partisan based double standard.

HT to Legal Insurrection for this one.

The second item comes via the Talk Straight blog.

File this under “Are we seeing a pattern here?”

In 2008, Rep. Weiner introduced a bill that would create 1,000 new visa slots for foreign fashion models. Specifically European fashion models for NYC’s Fashion Week. This was also known as the “increasing the number of Euro-Hotties in my district” bill.

Update: Rep. Weiner just held a press conference where he admitted to everything! The picture was of him, he sent it and this wasn’t the only case!

Of course, the leftists are still blaming Andrew Breitbart in the face of Weiner’s confession.  Rep. Weiner also says the won’t resign.  He will also get the support of the DNC leadership, who in their blatant hypocrisy, have called for anybody in a similar situation, but with a ‘R’ after his name to either resign immediately, or have their leadership remove him from office.

Kudos to Rep. Weiner for being honest when trapped and cornered by the truth.  That does put him heads and shoulders above many of his democrat congressional colleagues.


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