Monday Book Pick: The Third Girl

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The Third Girl by Agatha Christie

It’s been a while since I’ve read murder mysteries. I’ve started back in with some of classics. This is one of her later ones, written in the 1960s. Complete with Beatniks, Mods, and shaggy haired artists on drugs. This one features Hercule Poirot, the fussy Belgian detective, along with a cast of larger than life, yet stereotypical characters, including the dotty old British military officer writing his memoirs.  A fun read.  Agatha Christie mysteries are classics for a reason folks.

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Monday Book Pick: Heat Wave

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Heat Wave by Richard Castle

OK, OK…it’s a spin off media from the Castle TV show. I read it after watching the first season. For murder mystery pulp, and I have read more than a few, it’s not that bad. Reasonably decent as a stand alone, but the tie ins to the TV show are what make the book more than average. One of my favorites was naming the Judge the writer character plays poker with “Simpson” and noting his resemblance to Homer Simpson. The TV tie in is that the judge character in the show is played by Dan Castellaneta, who is the voice of Homer Simpson!  Whomever the author is, I hope he got a decent fee for this. He or she probably had some fun writing it, and now that the next few mortgage payments are made, can focus on work their name can go on…

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Friday B-Movie: The January Man

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The January Man

From 1989 comes this nicely done murder mystery, were tracking down the serial killer is only half the mystery. The cast is top notch. It includes Kevin Kline, Mary Elizabeth Mastrantonio, Susan Sarandon, Harvey Keitel and Danny Aiello. They really breath some life into a so-so script and make this movie worth watching.

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Monday Book Pick: She Murdered me with Science

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She Murdered Me with Science by David Boop

A delightful mix of hard boiled dective story and good old fashioned pulp science story, with a dash of Jazz thrown in for flavor.

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Ya, ya. I know it’s Tuesday. I’ve been busy.

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