700,000 Rednecks

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Covering Tangled up in Blue

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I don’t know who first said this, but I agree with it.

There is no Bob Dylan song that someone else has not done better.

Given that, Tangled Up in Blue is probably my favorite Dylan song performed by Bob Dylan.

I do like this live version performed by Charlie Daniels.  Not sure if it is better, but is good.


Cover Songs

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Let us review a Rock n’ Roll Classic: I Want You to Want Me

The Cheap Trick version is probably the best known version, complete with many, many screaming Japanese teenagers.

Dwight Yoakam’s version has a nice twang to it.

Ela provides a pop version

Gretchen Wilson covers this classic on her Under the Covers album.

Chris Isaak’s cover is one of my favorite examples of this song.

Gary Jules’ cover is way too laid back.

Letters to Cleo does a bouncy pop cover.



That HonkyTonk Sound

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There is country music and there is pure honest country music.

Exhibit A: Walk of Shame by Nikki Lane.  Worth it for title song alone.  Another example of just how much country music is about poor life choices. The rest of the album is quality work as well.  Her twang is natural and wraps around the words in way that reminds me of old time AM country radio in South.

Exhibit B: Platinum by Miranda Lambert Ya gotta love a woman who has her AR-15 tricked out with Zebra stripes. Throw in that she has yet another collection of country songs that makes Hank Williams smile up in Hillbilly Heaven, and you’re all set to kick back on the porch with your best girl and a couple of sixes of long necks on ice.

Exhibit C: Blame the Vain by Dwight Yoakam Yup, he’s still around and making music for your classic shit kickin’ redneck, and those who have never been within a furlong of a cow patty, but appreciate the music. Intentional Heartache and Three Good Reasons are stand out classic Dwight.  I played this on the ride home the other day, and I really didn’t give a damn about the traffic.  Just for the record, the commute still beats working with dairy cattle.

Steve Earle & The Supersuckers cover the Rolling Stones

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Rhapsody kept playing a Steve Earle & the Supersuckers cover of the Rolling Stone’s Before They Make Me Run on the Crazy for Covers channel, but I couldn’t find it anywhere else on the service.

Finally tracked it down on a CD available on Amazon.  Excellent cover.  Worth the $8 I paid, plus the other four tracks are good, so double the win!

The Devil went up to Boston

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In Georgia, the Devil bet a fiddle of gold for Johnny’s soul.

In Boston, the going market price for a soul is a lottery ticket and a pack of cigarettes.


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One the projects I recently backed on Kickstarter is The Chapin Sisters’ tribute to the Everly Brothers project.

Covers, which I like, of music I like, i.e the Every Brothers.

Double Win! Going for the hat trick for supporting independent artists.

Friday B-Movie Pick: The Commitements

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The Commitments

The story of a group of young Dubliners who form a Soul group. Why, because the Irish are the Blacks of Europe, and Dublin is the Blacks of Ireland. A fun film with really good music and great characters.

Friday B-Movie Pick Archive

Friday B-Movie Pick: This is Spinal Tap

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This Is Spinal Tap

Set the Wayback Machine to 1984 for this classic Rock mockumenary. Rob “Meathead” Reiner was the actual directory as the fictional director in this film about the back stage antics of the Heavy Metal Hair band, Spinal Tap. A cult comedy classic complete with a string of drummers that die of various means, including re-accuring spontainous combustion. My favorite was the one who choked to death on vomit, but not his own. Who produced the vomit remains shrouded in mystery.

The fellow who played Spinal Tap will appear again, and again, in other mockumenaries, Best in Show and A Mighty Wind, for example.

Friday B-Movie Pick Archive

Crazy for Covers

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I’ve been a Kate Bush fan for a long time.  How long? I’ve got a good chunk of her work on vinyl.

So a cover album of Kate Bush tunes would definitely catch my ear.  It’s called I WANNA BE KATE: The Songs of Kate Bush

No big name artists, just musicians tipping their own style of hat to Kate Bush, who, like Sinatra, definitely did it her way.

One of my favorites is The J Davis Trio rendition of “There Goes a Tenner.”

Kate Bush has done just a couple of covers, but my favorites is her version of Rocket Man on this tribute album: Two Rooms: Celebrating the Songs of Elton John & Bernie Taupin

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