Friday B-Movie Pick: Awsomest Maximus

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National Lampoon’s The Legend of Awesomest Maximus

National Lampoon is back in the spoofing biz.  In this one they take on Troy, The 300Gladiator and a bit of Braveheart thrown in for flavor.  They go for the cheap gag line every chance they get, which is what makes this spoof awesome!  Plus they cracked open the piggy bank for the budget and sprang for topless actresses.  So there is plenty of scantly clad, bare breasted, hot young blonde women in the film.  This isn’t a beer and pretzels movie, it’s a six pack and ribs movie.  They had fun making this movie, and you should relax and enjoy watching it.

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Friday B-Movie Pick: A Derek Flint Double Feature!

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Our Man Flint and In Like Flint

Double feature today! Both Derek Flint movies staring James Coburn. Coburn was an icon of cool back in the mid 60s (these movies came out in 1966 & 1967). He was also a personal student of Bruce Lee. Watch his fight scenes carefully in these films. These were the Austin Powers movies of their day. They were the best of the spy spoof genre spawned by the popular James Bond films.

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Crunchy pulp goodness: Danger 5

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From our cousins down under (i.e. the Australians) comes this delightfully campy WWII Spy Spoof “Danger 5.”

Episode 1: The Diamond Girls

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