Friday B-Movie Pick: Kingsmen

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Kingsmen: The Secret Service

A fun modern spy movie. The Kingsmen are a NGO. Not the type that takes money from the middleclass in the first world to give to the rich in the third world, after skimming their take of course. Nope, these are self-funded upper class Brits. Proper Gentlemen and Ladies, and uber-spies. Think John Steed with a health dose of Jason Bourne. Like most spy movies, it is the villain who makes the movie. Samuel Jackson is excellent as the tech billionaire AGW cultist who has moved past the typical socialist wealth transfer scheme AGW types are so fond of, and moved straight to another favorite of environmental extremists, genocide on massive scale. Of course, making sure the “right people” survive the kill off. It’s up the Kingsmen, including their newest recruits, to save the World, which they do with style and well tailored suits. Well worth the rental and popcorn. My take is that Joe-Bob would approve.

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Friday B-Movie Pick: Casino Royale

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Casino Royale

Not the recent Bond franchise reboot, but the 1967 comedy version. A great cast including David Niven as the original James Bond, Woody Allen as his nephew Jimmy Bond, Peter Sellers, Ursula Andress, Orsen Wells, and a few other cameo shots by actors you should recognize. I’m a fan of the Austin Powers movies, but Casino Royale proves that you could squeeze every last drop of Mojo out of Austin, and the whole batch would not be as cool as David Niven’s mustache alone!

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Friday B-Movie Pick: A Derek Flint Double Feature!

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Our Man Flint and In Like Flint

Double feature today! Both Derek Flint movies staring James Coburn. Coburn was an icon of cool back in the mid 60s (these movies came out in 1966 & 1967). He was also a personal student of Bruce Lee. Watch his fight scenes carefully in these films. These were the Austin Powers movies of their day. They were the best of the spy spoof genre spawned by the popular James Bond films.

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Friday B-Movie Pick: Hanna

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A modern spy thriller with a nice Cold War feel to it. Good cast, great action and visually pleasing. Fire up the popcorn and enjoy.

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