Canopus South

A Traveller20 PBEM

Andrew Lazenby

Player: Peteyfrogboy

Male Solomani
Age: 40
Academic 3/Merchant 3/Professional 2

Str: 13
Dex: 13
Con: 15
Int: 18
Edu: 14
Wis: 14
Cha: 12
Soc: 8

Galanglic, Vilani, Irilitok, Zdetl, Aslan, Hiver, Ancient (read only)


Skills: Background:
Andrew Lazenby (not Andy, not Drew, *Andrew*) was born in the Krystal system, a poor backwater in the riward-trailing corner of the Hamid subsector. His parents run a farm, and saved their credits to sent him to university on Keluin. He is the oldest of four children, and the only one to be accepted at the university. The difference between Keluin and his homeworld was enormous, and Andrew became fascinated with the diversity of cultures to be found in the galaxy. He studied the history and languages of many races, focusing particularly on the dramatic arts as a frame of reference for understanding alien species (BA, Interstellar Theater). He was recruited out of university by a merchant cartel, putting his study of sophont nature to good use in the pursuit of profit (2 terms of Merchant service, final rank O2). An economic downturn in the cartel put him out of work, but he quickly found employment as a negotiatior and public relations agent for a variety of clients (2 terms of Professional service, final rank O2). Taking a break from the corporate world, he went back to the university on Keluin to get his Master's degree in Xenosociology. Emerging once more from the folds of academia, he sent his resume out to the Sunrise Trade and Transport Corporation...


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