Canopus South

A Traveller20 PBEM

Darius Steele

Player: Mark Urbin

DariusDarius Steele
Homeworld: Ness
STR: 12
DEX: 14
CON: 16
INT: 18
EDU: 12
WIS: 10
CHA: 15
SOC: 8
Prestige: 5

age 34
Experience: 17,000
8th level character, 1st Traveller/5th Merchant/2nd Rogue
175cm 84 kg

Thick black hair, very light brown skin, gray eyes.
Stamina: 54
Lifeblood: 16

Homeworld: Ness - Canopus 2024
B 88457A - A N Ag Lo Ni


Skills (base rank):


Born on Ness to rather boring parents, Darius Steele knew early on he didn't want to follow in his parents footsteps. For them, an evening of excitement after a day at the factory was sitting down to a Grav-Ball game while putting a way a few six packs.

Painfully smarter than his parents, he took advantage of the extensive education tools available on the planetary web to learn much more than was available in the school system that seemed geared to churning out more factory workers.

As soon as he legally could, Darius was out of his parents house, gone from his home town and signing up on a small tramp freighter at the nearest starport. His thirst for knowledge served him well, learning the technical aspects (drive engineering, electronics, computer theory and basic mechanics) of running a free trader, as well as the skills of the trader. How to find a cargo, haggle for it and how to have all your paperwork in order so you can lift off with it.

Not having a formal advanced education, the larger trade corps didn't want him. So Darius stuck to small free traders. Some where on the shady side of legal and profitable. On more than one run, he earned more playing poker during jump than he did from his pay. He also learned how to fight and helped boost more than one less than completely legal cargo out of a gravity well.

His other passion, besides working a good deal, is flying. He's a skilled pilot, both in grav vehicles and small, non-jump spacecraft.

After a dozen years of working free traders, he built up enough of a reputation where the larger trading firms would hire him. Not to work on their ships, but as a contract troubleshooter. He spent the better part of four years working along the Imperial border. He evaluated markets, wrote reports on potential competition and provided information and insight a graduate of one of the Merchant Academies wouldn't know to look for.

Even though this occupation paid rather well, Darius wanted to be on the deck of a small trader again.

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