Canopus South

A Traveller20 PBEM

Jason Starchaser

Player: Jim Roker

JasonJason Starchaser Vargr
4th level Imperial Navy / 3rd level Merchant / 1st level ST&T crew


Str: 16
Dex: 13
Con: 10
Int: 13
Edu: 12
Wis: 8
Cha: 13
Soc: 10

Varger Prestige: 4 (unmodified)

Home world: Pick appropriate or leave as off in a different undefined sector.
Tl 12 Type a Star port, (assume naval base, where Jason signed on with the Navy.), Desert, lowPop.

Skills: Gear: Note: Has a slight limp.

As is quite clear by now Jason is Varger. I grew up in territory controlled by the imperium. Been in the Merchanct service several terms. We went on an exploritory mission that broght us closer to SolSec space.

The ship had an accident. Something cracked the jump grid, and I volluteered to go out and do a very dangerious repair.

A hull plate was loose and shifted. Cut my Vac suit, banged my left leg up pretty good. I got the suit patched, finished the repair, and got back inside. I refused to let the Docs compleatly heal me. I am left with enough limp to remind me not to vollunteer so much.

Unfortunatly, it didn't help. We reached port, and picked up a charter. Along the way we gor Jumped by Pirates. I jumped into the middle of the fight, and ended up sniping at the pirates from the hatch. We drove them off, but by now we are deep into space no one knows. Most of the crew is talking about cursed ships and being to far from home. Next port most of the crew cashered out and either looked for other ships locally, or ships headed back towards home.

I stayed on, but the new crew didn't sem to like Vargers too much, so I left the crew here, and been living in the high port till St&T picked up a contract.

I don't know much about the company, just what the planetside corpret types told me. For some reason, no one talks to me much, so no one will tell me much about the company. ( If I did not know I was in civilized space, I could start to get parinoid and think folk don't like talking to non-humans????) And these security checks.

I never signed onto a ship before where they did anything but verify my personal ID matched the net records. I realize that we are far from imperal space. But the cap'ns leterr and files from my last ship are clean, and should have been enough. I think they may have run a phych profile? for a merchant crew? not since may training days. It seems like every day for a week, there was a new investigator, asking the same questions in a differnt way. All very polite, and very creepy, but I am getting station fever real bad, and need to get back out into space. this setting in one station too long just gets on my nerves.

Anyway that is the story of my life. Handy with a gun, I run a good nav board, and with a good pilot beside me, we can often beat the time on the route. (If bonuses are offered for good time, and I have the nav board, go ahead and spend the bonus, you'll get it. If I get to sit nav, and our pilot is good, I don't plan on EVER comming into port on time.

I have been getting a little jittery becuase of the security checks seem awefully extreame, and people seem to be very uncivilized towards aliens, like we are less people than they are.

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Character Copyright © 2004 Jim Roker

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