Canopus South

A Traveller20 PBEM

Sueno "Sue" La Terr

Player: Daniel Burns

SueSueno "Sue" La Terr
Female Solomani - Age: 34 Yr. - Height: 175cm - Weight: 71kg
Skin Color: Chocolate - Eye Color: Brown - Hair Color: Black (n) - Build: Athletic
Homeworld - Canopus/Hamid - Mcadams (1824) - E431973-9 Hi In Na Po 124 So

Ability Scores: Str : 13 (+1)
Dex : 13 (+1)
Con : 14 (+2)
Int : 16 (+3)
Edu : 12 (+1)
Wis : 13 (+1)
Cha : 14 (+2)
Soc : 10 (-0)

Experience 31,000 Character Level 8

3rd L Army
2nd L Mercenary
2nd L Navy
1st L Professional

Stamina : 46
Initiative : +1
Fortitude : +4
Reflex : +3
Will : +8
BAB : +5


Description - With her hair cut short in a military style and dressed in her casual manner usually sporting surplus bdu's she presents both a natural beauty and dangerous tom-boyish attitude. She wears no perfumes or makeup normally and her only jewelry is a small medallion worn inside her shirt and a simple gold ring on the third finger of her left hand.

T20 Expanded Details for Homeworld and just some made up stuff:

Situated in a typical far companion binary red dwarf system Mcadam is one of four high population worlds in Hamid subsector. It is probably one of the less remarkable systems and worlds in the whole sector, excepting it's population. The roughly one billion people living on this small world have a history going back to the earliest colonization attempts.

While the world is unremarkable, even harsh, it does have one thing that has allowed the population to thrive, primitive indigenous life suitable for subsistence and a planet that is, if barely, habitable without extreme measures. The active geology while minimal is enough to allow geothermal power production and creates a natural magnetic field to moderate cosmic radiation dosages. The primary indigenous life forms are a plankton like species in the small highly salted seas and a variety of small crustaceans that feed on them. The crustaceans have a large organ that desalinates and stores fresh water which can be a life saver to those forced to survive away from the largely buried arcologies. The only land life is a fast growing moss that blooms and spreads each summer before going dormant and dying back.

The world has an axial tilt of about 20 degrees and an orbital period of about a month. Seasons are weekly with the average summer temperature reaching a daytime high of +5 deg. C and going down to -25 deg. C at night. Winters are brutal with daytime highs of -45 deg. C and plunging to -75 deg. C overnight. Days are 9 hours of light and 9 hours of dark. The average transitional temperatures are -15 deg. C for a daytime high and -45 deg. C for the overnight low.

The world is at an almost continuous if low scale warfare over the limited resources. The system is self sufficient, neither exporting or importing anything of note. Truly a backwater system the E class starport sees only the occasional lost traveller or novice trader. Except for the regular visits by the sector's mercenary corporations to recruit fresh soldiers.

Like hundreds of millions of others on her homeworld Sue started working at a young age in the factories of her province's military industrial complex. Forced to protect herself from those who couldn't or wouldn't work she bartered her meager wages for the necessities, including the small handgun she still carries everywhere. Finally at age 18 and deemed fit she was indoctrinated into her province's defense forces for the mandatory term of service. Here she finally had decent food and shelter and was able to send her family her entire honorarium during the four year stint, much improving their standard of living as well. It was here during basic training she became a field medic and a scout and forward observer before she was stationed on base as an Electronic Warfare Specialist

Basically a healthy bright charismatic person of simple background who had done her bit for her homeland she was considering her future before she was lured off world by a mercenary corporation's promise of riches and wider experience, one of the few ways off her truly backwater world. The large population and balkanized government means a steady supply of well trained and experienced high tech troops for the sector's mercenary forces who make regular hiring drives. They succeeded in delivering on their promise and then took it all away. Not one to be bitter and with too much to do she put it behind her and turned to a service she could believe in, the Solomani Interstellar Navy.

Much better equipped and prepared than the mercenary corporation Sue still managed to get wounded in an action, unlike the mercenary corporation the Navy actual cared enough to rescue her squad and take care of them so no one died and she received a Purple Heart and Meritorious Conduct medal for her part. Thanks to the excellent care and recuperation program Sue is actually healthier than before her injury.

With her well rounded Naval training and space experience, as well as the generous pay Sue was quite accepting of the honorable discharge to the world of her choice as a decorated Naval officer. She chose Ingram and applied the bulk of her discharge voucher to getting her parents transported to her new home there.

Now with her elders safe she finally feels free to choose her own path. Where it will take her is for the stars to say as all she knows is she will be following them having had a taste of travelling...


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Character Copyright © 2004 Daniel Burns

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