Tarot Inspired Art

I own several different decks. I actually got the idea to muck with Poser to create Tarot Cards from an online Tarot/Poser project.
Magician take 1

This is obviously the Magician card. It's first draft. I need some garden stuff for the background and an infinity symbol.
Magician take 1

Here is my second pass at Magician card.
Tarot Decks:
Art Nouveau Tarot Deck, I own this deck. Once I got used to it, it became one of my favorite decks.
Golden Dawn Tarot Deck, another deck I own. Interesting, but too far out for me to use. Paul Hume, the designer of the Shadowrun Magic system practices Golden Dawn hermetic magic.
Rider Waite Tarot Tarot Deck, my first deck. Considered, the classic deck by many. I bought back in the early 70's after seeing the first Roger Moore Bond flick, Live and Let Die.
Londa Tarot Deck, a weird little deck, but I enjoy it now and then.
Mage Tarot made by White Wolf for their Mage RPG.
An Imperial Tarot Deck for the SF RPG Traveller.
All images are Copyright © Mark Urbin
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