Combat Environment Suits: Part of the March Hare's cargo

50 TL C Combat Environment Suits

Sword World military surplus.
Dutchy of Sacnoth Army.

They are have a dull grey/off white camouflage pattern. The basic armor consists of a Ballistic Weave coverall with an airtight liner. It comes with a pair of gauntlets and a clear plastic flexible headpiece (the headpiece is stored in a pouch around the neck, the gauntlets tuck into pockets on the thighs). When sealed, the suit gives complete protection against most chemical agents, tainted atmospheres, biological agents and a moderate defense against radiation. Fresh air is supplied by several filtered intakes. The intakes are fitted with miniaturized compressors, allowing the suit to be used in thin atmospheres. Fresh air can also be obtained by means of a standard air hose nozzle (the intakes are sealed when the nozzle is in use). This allows the use of standard Sword World air tanks or vehicle life support systems. (Adapters are needed to work with standard Imperial connections) Heat build up is handled by a solid state cooling system with eliminates the infrared signature except on the exposed face, hands (if the gauntlets are not worn), the head and heat exhaust. Inserting a chill can into the cooling system can damp the heat exhaust. This will eliminate the signature for up to 45 minutes. These suits go a step further and selectively bleed heat to match background IR levels. This effectively renders the wearer invisible to IR sensors. If the background IR level is higher than human body temperature, a chill can is required for long term effectiveness.

The suit is fitted with numerous pockets and loops for equipment attachments. This includes a belt and an internal load bearing harness.

The suits have several features used in medical and first aid situations. The thighs, arms, and chest have special self-sealing membranes (thin enough to locate veins) beneath lift-up panels that allow IV needles (for medication, whole blood, or plasma) to be inserted in to the wearer without breaching it's airtight integrity.

"Pull tab" tourniquets are sewn into several locations on the arm and legs. These are self-ratcheting cables that can be cinched down with one hand by the suit wearer without additional assistance in case of serious wounds in the extremities. Each suit also has two pre-measured doses of drugs built into the suit. One is a powerful painkiller and the other a fast acting stimulant. These are administered by the wearer by means of pull tabs. When both doses are taken together, they allow 5 minutes of clear-headed functioning in most wound states. (In game terms, pulling the tabs overrides the loss of consciousness and Initiative penalties of all wound states, up to and including Critical wounds for a period of 60 combat terms. Only a single such dose should be taken at a time. Each time an additional dose is taken within an hour, roll a Difficult task against CON. Failure indicates that the character instantly dies due to the stress being placed on the body.)

Each suit is issued with a helmet. The helmet covers the entire head except for the face. The face is covered by means of a flip up, clear plasteel visor. The helmet is a plasteel alloy with a ballistic weave covering. It provides two levels of armor protection, except for the face, which only provides one level of armor protection (The visor must be lowered). The suit is designed to attach to the helmet and thus complete the suit's seal and connects the helmet with the suit's cooling and IR bleeding system. The helmet has a sensor enhancement suite. This provides the wearer with audio enhancement/damping. The visual portion of the suite is a pair of InfraRed/Light Enhancement goggles. They are fitted inside the helmet and slide down inside the visor for use. The suits status is displayed on a HUD which displays on the helmet's visor (or on the goggles if lowered). The helmet is fitted with a Psionic Shield and two data jacks for additional input. The data jacks will allow a communicator to be tied into the helmet (reception through the audio enhancement and transmission via a small speaker by the jaw). They also allow input from a battle computer or map box, displaying the data via the HUD.

Each suit has an light flak jacket which hooks into the suits cooling and IR bleeding system. The flak jacket has the same camouflage pattern. It also is fitted with pockets, attachment loops and a load bearing system. The jacket provides an additional level of armor to the torso and abdomen. The trade off is a -1 penalty to agility.

Each suit is issued with 10 chill cans, 10 sets of replacement filters, and 5 doses of pain killer and stimulant drugs. The suits still bear unit patches.

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