Fire, Fusion, & Steel Errata 7 December 1994

This document compiles all changes, corrections, and clarifications to the 2nd printing of Fire, Fusion, & Steel (a.k.a. "Mk I, Mod 1"). Note that this includes the high-energy weapon upgrade presented as "Putting the Heat Back into Plasma" in Challenge #76. This also includes those portions of the Striker II design sequence upgrades that function as clarifications, but does not include the design sequence expansions from the Reformation Coalition Equipment Guide and Striker II.

Owners of 1st printing FF&S; (distinguished by the absence of "Mk I, Mod 1" on the credits page, and missing text on page 75) will first want to consult the "Fire, Fusion, & Steel First Printing to Second Printing Upgrade," available in Challenge #75.

Modifications are laid out by page number in 2nd printing FF&S; (Mk I, Mod 1), with a characterization of the type of change (Correction, Clarification, etc.). Changed material is set off _like this_ to make it easy to spot, and references to existing or previous material is often included within quotation marks "like this" to make it easier to spot the material that needs to be modified or replaced.

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