2004-2005 General Turokan Character Contest Entries

From Antony Farrell:

Khadija Rekyaveer

This is a PC from my Banners Sector campaign. Designed using the rules from TNE she should be useable anywhere with only minor tweakings. Stats already include homeworld modifiers.

Antony Farrell

Khadija Rekyaveer was born on Alston in 5683 AD graduating high school in 5700 AD. Always interested in the past Khadija enrolled at the prestigious University of Alston, completing her BSc in Archeology and Anthropology in 5712 AD before proceeding to post graduate work. Publishing a number of papers she obtained a phD in 5712 AD.

In 5710 AD the Alston League Scout Service was formed, and shortly after receiving her phD Khadija signed up in 5713 AD looking to put her talents to use for Alston.

Khadija spent the remainder of 5713 AD in training before being assigned to a vessel (ALS Venture) in 5714 Ad which was sent on a mission into the Virian Belt system. Here Khadija helped save several members of the ships crew while under fire from "corsairs" in the course of this action Khadija was wounded. For her heroism she was awarded the Wounded Star and commissioned.

5715AD was spent recovering from her wound, writing papers, and otherwise carrying on a normal routine. But in 5716 AD Khadija was back in the field, again on the Venture, this time on a contact mission with the planet Dennison. The mission did not go well for the Alston League ship, Dennison being a balkanised world. Khadija discovering that at least one nation on Dennison was receiving aid from Alstons biggest rival, the Delsun Czarate. After hiding for some time amongst the underworld of Dennison Khadija was able to get this information back to the ship, which departed back to Alston space immediately. For her performance Khadija was promoted to sublieutenant.

Khadija is now excited, as a result of her past performances and her knowledge of the past, she has been assigned to the new exploratory frigate ALS Gannon which will leave on its first mission in 5717 AD

Khadija Rekyaveer Age: 33 Human
Homeworld: Alston A766A47-B

Str  5                  Term 1          Undergraduate University  
Agl  7                                  Academic Contact  
Con  5                  Term 2          Graduate University  
Int  7                                  Government Contact  
Edu  11                 Term 3          Graduate University  
Chr  8                                  Acadmic Contact  
Psi  ?                  Term 4          Scout Service  
Soc  6                                  Military Contact  
Initiative  2                   Commissioned, Promoted  
UCD  1                                  Special Adventure  
Hit Capacity    10 Head     +3 Ship DM Scout  
                        30 Chest        
                        20 Other        
Mass  57 kg        
Load  30 kg        
Throw Range  20 m    

Strength                                        Education  
Slug Weapons (Pistol)-1                 Communications-1  
Agility                                         Excavation-1  
Ground Vehicle (Wheeled)-1              Geology-1  
Intrusion-1                             History-4  
Pilot (interface/Grav)-1                Map-1  
Stealth-2                                       Medical (Trauma Aid)-1  
                                                RCV Operations-1  
Constitution                            Starship Architecture-1  
Environment Suit-1     
High-G Environment-1                    Charisma  
Zero-G Environment-1                    Disguise-2  
                                                Language (Russian)-2  
Intelligence                            Language (Japanese)-1  
Interview-1                             Language (Aslan)-1  
Observation-1                           Leadership-2  
Total Ship DMs +3 Scout/Courier
30,000 Credits

From Gary Bartz:

Kraig Louis
Str 9 Dex A End 8 Int 9 Edu 8 Soc 5
39 years old 5 terms Imperial Navy Retired LCDR (O4)
Pension Cr5,000

Bank Balance Cr90,000
Snub Pistol
Low Passage
Travellerís Aid Society Membership

Kraig was born a lower class child on an overcrowded planet near the Spinward Marches. Scraping through school, Kraig decided to see the universe and escape the lower class life ahead of him, existing on the dole. Enlisting just prior to the Fourth Frontier War, Kraig was assigned to shore duty near the edge of the Marches for his first two years. As his luck would have it, the world on which his base was located was subject to massive guerilla activity, and he was augmented to base security from his assigned branch of Line. He was wounded twice, once badly, and learned to handle a vacc suit and a shotgun. He was twice promoted for his exceptional service in locating and stopping infiltration by the terrorists and saboteurs, ending his years of dangerous assignments as an E3.

His next two years were a reward of sorts, assigned to the bridge crew of a ship on patrol and siege duty, he was trained on shipís navigation and systems.

His second term passed quickly, with back to back patrol and siege duty assignments for his ship, and promotion to E5 was almost automatic. Kraig continued his training in navigation, and learned a few naughty but fun skills for liberty from his fellow petty officers.

By the beginning of his third term, Kraigís increasing skill in navigation came to the attention of his new commanding officer, who had him sent to OCS. Kraig scraped through, but his medium quality education was readily apparent in any subject other than navigation. Kraig vowed to better himself through self education courses, a promise he kept over the next several years.

Kraig then served on both patrol and training duty as a junior officer, being badly wounded again. While in recovery his service record was examined closely by an admiral who selected Kraig as an "Aide". In reality, Craigís early service on base security augmentation came to the Admiralís attention, and Craig was sent to commando training for follow-on assignment fighting the next generation of saboteurs, now known to be sponsored by the Zhos.

Kraig spent the next five years securing bases and high ports as the leader of a small navy security team, all the while waiting to get back into space and the bridge crew duty he loved so much. He was assigned back to space duty following his success in almost totally stopping infiltration near the bases his team was assigned to. As a reward for Kraigís service in security, the Admiral sponsored Kraig for membership in TAS, a reward which was formally conveyed during the same parade that the Admiral retired at.

His promotion to Lt Commander was well deserved, and his tour as navigation officer on a cruiser would nicely position him to command his own small ship and prepare for promotion to even higher ranks within the service. He brushed up on his navigation and administrative skills and embarked on his year long cruise with Capt Sir Davin Yourkerki.

Kraig was sure his hard work, high skills, loyalty, and advanced self education would serve him well during his tour as a department head. He was wrong. Capt Sir Yourkerki, a member of a cadet branch of the Arch Dukeís line, was shocked that the navy that his family had served so well for so many years would assign some lower deck rat and base security guard as a department head on his ship! This was his last great navy assignment, the glorious solo cruise before his promotion to Admiral and then semi-retirement to take charge of part of his fatherís fief. This boob, "Call me Kraig", couldnít even eat without slurping, and his manners in the lounge were horrible. Sometimes "Call me Kraig" would cheer while watching Tri-V sports! Capt Sir Yourkerki put the best face on things that he could, pretending to ignore Kraigís lack of manners and breeding, while at the same time composing the worst officer eval record in the history of the fleet for this piece of trash.

Kraig learned of his betrayal soon after the cruise ended. He could not pull enough strings to stop his forced retirement, but he was able to help himself to some of Capt Sir Yourkerkiís petty cash, from his private safe, as a parting gift. Suspision fell on him, but the cash was never found on Kraig (mostly because it was off the base within minutes after it left Yourkerkiís safe).

Kraig is now on the beach, comfortably at the TAS Hostel, seeking a crew position as a navigator. He is willing to buy into a ship, but only after carefully looking into the background and character of the owner. He is convinced that his years of security duty were the cause of his career being derailed just as it was really starting, and he will pretend to be less skilled at fighting and protected environment/zero-g combat then he really is. He has nearly thrown away the low passage he was issued at discharge several times as the final insult from Yourkerki, but caution and common sense keeps the passage in his spacerís bag.

Kraig harbors raw rage against Yourkerki, and any of his family, or friends, or retainers...or even academy classmates. The Admiral has also just learned that Kraig is...íavailableí...and the Admiral has a new and very different Command now...

From Alan Spik:

Lt. Col. Terrel Lance IM (ret)
BBD9B9 Cr 300k 200 Terms Service Birth date 227-300 (Apparent age 25)

Homeworld Mora/Spinward Marches [3124] Codes: Port: A, Size: Large, Atmosphere: Dense, Hydrographics: Wet, Population: Mod, Law: High, Tech Level: Average Stellar
Material Benefits and notes: SEH x 2, MCG x 6, MCUF x 6
Terrel, an orphan with a small ranch near Katy's on Mora (changed to Katherine in 770) and a large mortgage, entered Imperial service on his eighteenth birthday and was soon embroiled in the Vargr campaigns which were raging at the time. He was awarded his first MCG during a raid on a Vargr corsairs base in his first year of service. After several more years he was selected for OCS then served as Aide for General Ishhilli during which time he attended command college. Shortly afterward with taxes on his ranch climbing he volunteered for the frozen watch program and directed his pay to maintain his ranch. Terrel would receive full pay while remaining in hibernation until needed then return to his low berth to await action. As part of the package participants recieved antiaging treatments.

As the centuries passed Terrel was engaged in numerous small actions when awakened. He was awarded a purple heart, another MCG and four MCUF's for his actions on boarding parties and a police action on St. George/Vland. He attended intelligence school and shortly afterward was tapped to teach it. After finishing his tour of instruction he again entered the frozen watch program engaging in only one action before being ordered to commando shcool. He was awarded another purple heart, two MCUF's, three MCG's in various actions and during the Solomani Rim War the Starburst of Extreme Heroism at the Second Battle of Zhimway and another at the Battle of Terra.

After the Solomani Rim War he was wounded twice the second time being so bad that he was sent to command a training center during his recuperation. He served several more terms in the frozen watch program before being again tapped to command a training facility. After serving another three terms in the frozen watch he was again posted to command a school. He served several more terms as frozen watch prior to being sent on a recruiting tour then on to command college for refresher training. He served several more terms collecting another purple heart and a MCUF.

Terrel had risen steadily through the ranks over the centuries and fought in nearly every theater of conflict but in 1060 Naval policies changed to preclude anyone over the rank of Lt Col.. from serving in the frozen watch program. He decided to retire and made his way from Gateway to the Spinward Marches where to his horror he found that the world he remembered was unrecognizable and worse his ranch had been swallowed by the estate of Baroness Anna ib-Delphine due to a processing error which had kept his taxes from being paid. His appeals to Duchess Delphine fell on deaf ears and the Ministry of Justice ruled that Baroness Anna was within her rights to keep the land as his military records only listed it as his home of record and he possessed no other record of ownership. With his funds he is able to afford Anti aging drugs which the IN had previously provided.

He has spent his time since returning to Mora trying to attract support from Archduke Norris for an appeal to the Emperor. He can be found at Mora Highport or Wavecrest City attempting to make contact with influential persons.

From Mr. Honeycutt

Here is a starport manager to be used as a PC for anyone brave enough to actually run a snivelling, sadistic, backstabbing lil coward. Pretend that he looks like an evil danny devito clone from taxi.

Louie Kravicks

muster: Louis Kravick was born to a poor family. His father had abandoned the family because the wife was an obnoxious dominating bitch. Thus he, and his 2 sisters were raised by her alone. His mom worked as a secretary for an upper level manager at the Starport Administration.

Constantly teased for his shortness and fatness, he became sullen and withdrawn. Even his own sisters ridiculed him. His only way to fight back was to use sharp, acidic comments. He was often beaten up in school. He did poorly in school beacuse of his social woes, despite a very high intelligence. The career consultants somehow made him feel as if the failures were his fault. They said he would amount to nothing. Since that report, his mother focused her attentions on the sisters as if Louis' fate of failure were already sealed. He tortured small animals in the basement.

After both sisters went off to college, his mom pulled some strings to get little Louie a job at the starport. She felt that he would be a bum if she hadn't of done that...something she reminded him of over and over and over.

He hated his mother and never addressed her as anything other than "mother". He was secretly happy when she 'died'. She had fallen down the basement stairs and fractured her skull. It was ruled an accident.

A few years later, his oldest sister was caught drunk and prostituting herself in a startown bar. He had her starport visa revoked permanently. She died of a drug overdose in a gutter not long afterward. His younger sister married and can't be found..Louie Kravick has a few ghosts in his closet. No foul deeds were ever proven.

After being forced into retirement, he decided to take a long vacation and not look back. He'll ship with anyone who'll take him.

His knowledge of procedure and redtape and how to avoid it makes him a valuable asset to small tramp shippers. Tramp shippers don't ask to closely into his past either. Louis' ghosts are still hidden and he'll do whatever it takes to keep them hidden.

Louis Kravicks is a bitter sadistic cowardly little man. He comes across as an evil vengeful dwarf with no morals and nothing good to say about anything.

He is short, fat and balding. He fancies himself a lady's man and turns evil when turned down.

He is a coward and quickly backs down when faced with physical harm. He will always attempt some form of revenge however. Should someone treat him like a human despite all this, he'll form a bond and trust that person.

He is useful on a ship because of his huge level of skill with redtape and legalese involved in running a starport.

term 1.

Louie Kravicks was able to secure a place as a 'gopher' at the starport administration because of strings pulled by his overbearing mother. He quickly got a reputation for being a snivelling little bootlicker among the blue-collar employees. While this attitude enhanced his position and even promotion within the administration, it also neary ended his life.
An older employee, near retirement, was deemed 'lazy' by Louie and written up for discipline. The older man was fired and lost his retirement benefits. Soon after this, Louie lost two fingers on his left hand. It was deemed an accident by management investigators; anyone could've been caught with his hand under a crate of combine parts. Word on the tarmac is that it would only have happened to "Lucifer" Kravicks though...and the word was always followed by a bitter laugh.
He was promoted to Supervisor.

term 2.

Working as supervisor of the starport motor pool, he quickly alienated his mechanics and ground crew with his ridiculous demands and 'efficiency' ideas. Upper management moved him to third shift in order to minimise frictions that kept work from being completed. Only basic maintainence work was done on that shift and 'problem' workers seemed to find their way there. Louis raised hell about it and claimed discrimination. Management promoted him to an upper office to put quiet him and move him into a position where he couldn't do much harm. He rubbed the promotion in the faces of those beneath him when he took title of Assistant Manager.

term 3.

Louie grew more bitter as time went on. It had become obvious, even to him, that his 'work' was busy work designed to keep him from meddling in the actual running of the starport. He began to use his knowledge of procedures to make life difficult for those he blamed and to even make so money on the side through bribes and favors. He became a hated sight and union reps began to avoid him. His mother died that year.
He got his break during the storm of '23 and upper management couldn't be reached. Louie Kravicks ruled starport during that week with an iron fist and made sure that he received all credit for keeping starport open. He became manager when it became public knowledge that the preious manager was not available for the emergency due to 'drunken debauchery'...Louie acted all upset about it and tsk'd as much as anyone.
Many workers took early retirement that year.

term 4.

Imperial representatives took note of how labor relations had deteriorated over the past 6 years and pressured the starport administrator to remove Louie Kravicks of else face certain trade restictions due to reduced starport capacity.
Unable to out and out fire him, they promoted him instead into the post of Executive. As an appointed position, it could be removed at any time, thus giving the SA a lega way of getting rid of Louie.
After being given the hardest ( impossible ) jobs and forcing him to accept blame, they finally had an excuse to give him the pink slip. They gave him a choice; retire or be forced out. There was no real choice. Louis Kravicks retired.
He was given the bare minimum retirement package as a slap in his face for his poor work done.

From Larsen E. Whipsnade
Contest Entry: Sir Cesar Pesket Wemyss

'Raw' rolls: 8 A 8 6 8 9 Rearranged as: 6888A9

Enlist Diplomats, 8+, get +1 for Edu 8+ and +2 for Soc 9+, for 5+, roll 7, success

1st Term        Survival 3+, get +2 for Edu 8+, for 1+, auto survive
                Position 5+, get +1 for Int 8+, for 4+, roll 5, 3rd Secretary (Rank 1)
                Promotion 10+, roll 11, 2nd Secretary (whew!) (Rank 2)
                Re-enlist, 5+, roll 5, success (whew again!)
                Rank and Service skills, liaison-1

        Skills, 2 for initial term, 1 for position, and 1 for promotion
                Personal Development table, roll 4, blade combat (foil)
                Service Skills table, roll 1, +1 Int
                Education table, roll 4 for recruiting
                Advanced Education table, roll 4 for computer

2nd Term        Survival 3+, get +2 for Edu 8+, for 1+, auto survive
                Promotion 10+, roll 3, fail
                Re-enlist 5+, roll 9, success

        Skills, 1 for term
                Advanced Education table, roll 2, liaison

3rd Term        Survival 3+, get +2 for Edu 8+, for 1+, auto survive
                Promotion 10+, roll 7, fail
                Re-enlist 5+, roll 6, success

        Skills, 1 for term
                Service Skills table, roll 3 for vehicle (grav)

4th Term        Survival 3+, get +2 for Edu 8+, for 1+, auto survive
                Promotion 10+, roll 5, fail
                Aging rolls:    Str 8+, roll 6, fail
                                Dex 7+, roll 9, success
                                End 8+, roll 7, fail
                Re-enlist 5+, roll 10, success

        Skills, 1 for term
                Advanced Education table, roll 3 for interrogation

5th Term        Survival 3+, get +2 for Edu 8+, for 1+, auto survive
                Promotion 10+, roll 7, fail
                Aging rolls:    Str 8+, roll 4, fail
                                Dex 7+, roll 7, success
                                End 8+, roll 8, success
                Re-enlist 5+, roll 8, success

        Skills, 1 for term
                Education table, roll 2 for streetwise

6th Term        Survival 3+, get +2 for Edu 8+, for 1+, auto survive
                Promotion 10+, roll 11, 1st Secretary (Rank 3)
                Rank and Service skills, administration
                Aging rolls:    Str 8+, roll 7, fail
                                Dex 7+, roll 6, fail
                                End 8+, roll 11, success
                Re-enlist 5+, roll 4, fail (was going to retire anyway due to aging)

        Skills, 1 for term and 1 for promotion
                Personal Development table, roll 5 for gun combat (auto pistol)
                Advanced Education table, roll 3 for administration

Muster out      6 rolls for service terms, 2 rolls for rank
                Cash table, roll 1, +1 for retirement, 2, 10K Cr
                Cash table, roll 2, +1 for retirement, 3, 10K Cr
                Cash table, roll 3, +1 for retirement, 4, 20K Cr
                Benefits table, roll 2, +1 Int
                Benefits table, roll 1, Low passage
                Benefits table, roll 5, +1 Soc
                Benefits table, roll 5, +1 Soc
                Benefits table, roll 3, +2 Edu

                Retirement pay: 6000 Cr

Initial UPP: 6888A9
Failed Aging rolls: 3 Str, 1 Dex, and 1 End
Skills: +1 Int
Benefits: +1 Int, +1 Soc, +1 Soc, +2 Edu

Final UPP: 3779CB (Soc B, has been knighted)

Final skills listed below. Like many CT characters, Sir Cesar is rather skill poor. Adding a few homeworld skills from MT can do nothing but help.

Sir Cesar Peskett Wemyss, ex-Diplomat 3779CB Age 42 40K Cr

Possessions: Low passage, 6000 Cr pension

History - Cesar was born to a rural landowning family on a planet holding the local subsector's capital. The Wemyss family, as with many of their station on that world, are 'land rich' and 'cash poor'. While the family could assist each child in selecting a career, it would be up to Cesar and his siblings to succeed afterwards as financial support was out of the question. While funds were only available to send the family heir to university, the family's influence placed the other children in subsector navy, planetary bureaucracy, and various corporations. With the advice and assistance of a family patron, Cesar gained a position in the subsector duke's diplomatic service.
Cesar quickly made his mark. After succeeding in a variety of increasingly difficult assignments, he was appointed 2nd Secretary of a ducal mission to a troublesome and mildly xenophobic balkanized world. There he held the 'Tendencies and Assessments' desk and kept up contacts with a bewildering variety of individuals and groups active on the planet. Using the information he received, gleaned, or inferred from these contacts, Cesar was able to keep the mission's chief appraised of the world's public moods and private thoughts. Over the course of several years, the diplomatic mission proved partially successful and the inhabitants' distrust towards off-worlders lessened.
The chief of mission on another world wracked by communal violence requested Cesar be posted to his delegation. The duchy's forces on-planet was barely keeping the situation under control and most observers felt that civil war would soon break out. Performing much the same role as he had done before, Cesar doggedly built up relationships with the various local factions. His own background as the son of a rural squire helped him gain the ear of many rural factions and his hard work and empathy did much the same for most of their urban counterparts.
After a mild bout with a local influenza strain, Cesar first developed Enoc-Pynchan Syndrome, a form of continued muscular degeneration. While higher tech treatment off-world would have been more effective, he felt that the mission's work was at a critical stage and chose not to leave. Local treatments minimized the effect of the syndrome and Cesar continued to slowly persevere through a thicket of contentious issues. His decision to stay and help the locals work out their difficulties, despite his own poor health, earned Cesar a great deal of respect from the parties involved.
After years of patient negotiation, breakthroughs on a number of issues began to occur. Cesar's work schedule during this period was so heavy as to cause another health crisis. Again, he chose to stay and work rather than leave for treatment. When the local factions began signing the series of accords meant to ease their strife, Cesar was at the ceremonies. At the insistence of many of the factions involved, Cesar was promoted and charged with the implementation of the accords that he had done so much to create.
As the mission's 1st Secretary, Cesar oversaw the first few years of the accords' implementation.
Sadly, his health had been ruined by his efforts. On the urging of the mission medical staff, Cesar reluctantly filed for retirement. His request was granted with an additional bonus - he was recalled to the duchy's capital and knighted by the hand of the duke himself.
Sir Cesar currently acts as a free-lance arbiter. Supported by a sword cane, his services are very much in demand. Parties as diverse as local governments, mercantile interests, corporations, labor guilds, and individuals. Sir Cesar is called in to find common ground in any number of issues. He has negotiated the end of labor actions, local taxation complaints, tariff levels, and even marriage contracts. His poor physical condition places several limits how he can conduct his work. After setting up an office; usually in a hotel or quarters provided him, Sir Cesar will act like the spider at the center of a web only travelling to conduct interviews or negotiations when absolutely necessary. He will hire as many people as necessary to act as his eyes and ears, carefully instructing them in their tasks, and just as carefully debriefing them afterwards. People who perform exceptionally well in this role will find themselves hired by Sir Cesar quite frequently. Although he maintains no 'official' staff between jobs, Sir Cesar does keep a few individuals on retainer.
As usual folks, fold, spindle, and mutilate to your heart's content!


One more from Larsen E. Whipsnade
Avnor W. Bemis

'Raw' rolls: 7 6 4 9 8 B Rearranged as: 789B64

Enlist as Rogue, need 6+, get +1 for Soc 8- and +2 for End 7+, for 3+, roll 10 success

1st Term -      Survival 6+, get +2 for Int 9+, for 4+, roll 4 survive
                Re-enlist 5+, roll 5 succeed
                Automatic skills, streetwise

        Skills, 2 for term
                Personal Development table, roll 2 for dexterity
                Service Skills table, roll 3 for demolition

2nd Term -      Survival 6+, get +2 for Int 9+, for 4+, roll 6 survive
                Re-enlist 5+, roll 6 succeed

        Skills, 2 for term
                Service Skills table, roll 5 for +1 Edu
                Education table, roll 3 for bribery

3rd Term -      Survival 6+, get +2 for Int 9+, for 4+, roll 7 survive
                Re-enlist 5+, roll 8 succeed

        Skills, 2 for term
                Service Skills table, roll 3 for demolition
                Education table, roll 1 for streetwise

4th Term -      Survival 6+, get +2 for Int 9+, for 4+, roll 6 survive
                Aging rolls:    Str 8+, roll 6 fail
                                Dex 7+, roll 6 fail
                                End 8+, roll 5 fail
                Re-enlist 5+, roll 6 succeed

        Skills, 2 for term
                Personal Development table, roll 6 for carousing
                Service Skills table, roll 6 for vehicle (grav)

5th Term -      Survival 6+, get +2 for Int 9+, for 4+, roll 6 survive
                Aging rolls:    Str 8+, roll 8 pass
                                Dex 7+, roll 11 pass
                                End 8+, roll 10 pass
                Re-enlist 5+, roll 7 succeed

        Skills, 2 for term
                Service Skills table, roll 1 for blade (dagger)
                Education table, roll 5 for liaison

6th Term -      Survival 6+, get +2 for Int 9+, for 4+, roll 8 survive
                Aging rolls:    Str 8+, roll 10 pass
                                Dex 7+, roll 7 pass
                                End 8+, roll 7 fail
                Re-enlist 5+, roll 5 succeed

        Skills, 2 for term
                Education table, roll 3 for bribery
                Education table, roll 1 for streetwise

7th Term - Survival 6+, get +2 for Int 9+, for 4+, roll 4 survive
                Aging rolls:    Str 8+, roll 11 pass
                                Dex 7+, roll 5 fail
                                End 8+, roll 9 pass
                Re-enlist 5+, roll 7 succeed

        Skills, 2 for term
        Service Skills table, roll 2 for gun combat (auto pistol)
        Education table, roll 4 for carousing

8th Term  - Survival 6+, get +2 for Int 9+, for 4+, roll 4 survive
                Aging rolls:    Str 8+, roll 8 pass
                                Dex 7+, roll 6 fail
                                End 8+, roll 5 fail
                Re-enlist 5+, decide to retire, roll of 12 means no, roll 11 (phew!) succeed

        Skills, 2 for term
                Personal Development table, roll 2 for +1 Dex
                Education table, roll 2 for forgery

Muster out      8 rolls for service terms
                Cash table, roll 3 for 10K Cr
                Cash table, roll 5 for 50K Cr
                Cash table, roll 5 for 50K Cr
                Benefits table, roll 5 for high passage
                Benefits table, roll 4 for blade (dagger)
                Benefits table, roll 2 for +1 Soc
                Benefits table, roll 4 for blade (dagger skill)
                Benefits table, roll 3 for gun (auto pistol)
Initial UPP: 789B64
Failed Aging rolls: 1 Str, 3 Dex, and 3 End
Skills: +1 Dex, +1 Dex, +1 Edu
Benefits: +1 Soc
Final UPP: 676B75

Final skills listed below. Like many CT characters, Avnor is rather skill poor. Adding a few homeworld skills from MT can do nothing but help.

Avnor W. Bemis, ex-Rogue 676B75 Age 50 110 KCr

Possessions: auto pistol, dagger, high passage

History - A prime example that nature sometimes trumps nurture, Avnor W.(1) Bemis was raised in a very good family, had a decidedly normal upbringing, and became a rather bad apple.
Eschewing advice to enter university and ignoring suggestions about pursuing normal employment, Avnor joined a group of like-minded fellows and began a career in automatic teller machine withdrawals, unauthorized withdrawals to be specific. Using the knowledge gleaned from chemistry class, Avnor was the group's 'chef'. He 'cooked' up the 'soup', otherwise known as nitroglycerin, and applied it to the machines in question. A couple of close calls involving the 'soup' taught Avnor to transport the stuff as little as possible. The gang would scout out a location, physically secure the machine, and then call Avnor onto the scene. Carrying the 'soup' in a hollow tennis ball on a string around his neck, Avnor would arrive, blow the machine, and the gang would make off with the loot.
The numbers of teller machines that can be secured and blown in this manner are limited. Avnor and his fellows soon found that they needed to move around quite a bit, not just to avoid the police, but also to find new targets. The gang eventually drifted towards the city holding the planet's starport. There, several members of the gang were picked up on outstanding warrants involving vagrancy, petty theft, and unpaid bills. Avnor, who had been careful not to foul his tracks too much, paid an on-the-spot 'fine' to the patrolman for 'consorting with known criminals' and was free to go.
Free of any ties to the original ATM gang, Avnor put himself about in the city's Startown section as a cracksman. He was careful in accepting offers of employment, always looking into the background and reputation of the parties involved. For a time, he worked as an assistant for other, better trained cracksmen. Avnor even held several straight jobs during this period, usually involving menial work of some sort. He would rather get straight work to make ends meet than risk it all on a lousy caper.
Avnor's reputation slowly grew, as did the earnings from the various jobs he was connected with. The manner in which Avnor participated in those jobs varied. In some, he was involved from inception onwards while in others, he acted as a one-time specialist only, appearing once the target was secure and needed cracking. In a small, but growing, number of capers, Avnor only participated on the periphery by assisting involved with finding personnel and equipment. As before, he lived frugally. He also wisely began investing small sums in several businesses around Startown.
As he became better known to his peers, he also became better known to the police. Despite his generally low profile and sedate lifestyle, Avnor had his share of 'chats' with law enforcement. He never served any time however, nor was he ever indicted. A critical eye for capers, a dedication to planning, and a few judicious 'donations' kept him out of the courthouse as well as the jailhouse.
During Avnor's forties, the illegal side of Startown suffered the loss of its 'Coordinator'. That gentleman, with the help of several large sophonts, had kept peace on the streets and among the people of Avnor's ilk. The 'Coordinator' had been relatively benign, content to take his share of illegal proceeds via his virtual control of fencing and letting the rest slide. After his death, several factions began fighting over which fill the role of 'Coordinator'. Startown became dangerous for criminals as hits, beatings, and even tips to the police increased. Avnor weathered this period by lowering his profile further and limiting most of his work to 'fixing', setting up others with the personnel, equipment, and information they needed for a job. Despite these precautions, Avnor still found it necessary to begin carrying a pistol, something he had never done before.
When the Startown 'gang war' finally sputtered out, intelligent observers like Avnor realized an era was over. The murders and carnage spun out from the struggle had finally focused public attention on Startown in general and crime in particular. New laws were drawn up to deal with 'habituals', as career criminals were labeled. Increased pressure on the police meant increased pressure on Avnor and his peers. Surveillance became an everyday annoyance.
Avnor wisely decided to move on to greener pastures. His intentions were to disappear from Startown and reappear as another man in some distant city. There he would either use his savings to invest in a few businesses or pick up the cracking game again. . He slowly liquidated his percentages in various Startown businesses and began to lessen his involvement in any capers that came his way. His refusal to assist with one job nearly proved his undoing however.
He declined to help plan a heist at a bonded warehouse and the people he had turned down were caught. They in turn ratted on him for several small jobs, some of which were over a decade old. Avnor dodged the officers sent to arrest by mere chance and then laid low for weeks during the manhunt that ensued. With the help of a few hefty bribes and some gaffe paperwork, he was eventually able to cross the port's extrality line and take ship off-world. To his anger, Avnor was forced to leave behind a substantial portion of his fortune when he fled. Avnor currently presents himself as a speculative trader and is rather good at it. He purchases goods, arranges for their shipment, travels with them to their destination, and sells them on arrival. He prefers to use tramp traders for this. Unlike larger corporate-owned vessels, he can usually either bicker down the freight rates or cut the free trader in on a piece of the action. He travels light, usually on a middle passage, and mingles with passengers and crew easily.
Avnor has been keeping tabs on the situation back on his homeworld.
Although he landed at the starport there, he has yet to cross the extrality line. Law enforcement did confiscate some of the money he left when he fled, but a substantial amount still seems to remain. Avno is suspicious about this however. A few years ago he sent someone across the extrality line to withdraw a small portion of the money from the bank deposit box where it had been stashed. Although that individual had the proper paperwork and ID, she was picked up for questioning immediately after leaving the bank. Avnor believes the authorities are using some of his money as bait. He believes they don't know about all his deposit boxes, but he doesn't know which boxes they do know about. He is still pondering a solution to his situation.

1- The 'W' stands for Whipsnade, the sad legacy of a maternal great-grandfather.

As usual, fold spindle, AND mutilate!

From Gary Bartz:

A personal favorite, the first real character I rolled up with Traveller Characters (v6.55)

Ric Rainwalker

Ric Rainwalker was born and raised on a high tech planet near the Rim. His family, working class, shared its last name with a powerful ruling class family which traced its roots to a Lt Commander who ruled the world at the end of the First Imperium. The sometimes confusion is a source of some fun for Ricís family.

Ric was different then the rest of his family, having no desire to spend his working life slaving away 20 hours per week in a climate controlled cube in a factory, chatting with co-workers and supervising a computer supervising assembly robots. Ric wanted travel, he wanted to see the Universe!

As soon as he turned 18 Ric went to the planetary capital to enlist in the Imperial Navy. Ric had the ill fortune to arrive at the Imperial Military Recruiting facility at lunch time, while the Navy reps were eating. He almost was conveyed into the Scoutís offices by an older, almost retired scout, only to have a Marine rep literally drag him into their offices. Ric was promised space travel and plenty of it. He was also told how easy it was to sign up for Ships Troops duty "All the fun of travel, all the excitement of being a Marine, and no boring crew duty!"

The recruiter did do Ric one favor, he entered a preference in Ricís Service Record File asking for shipboard duty.

Ric hated training, cursing (quietly) the recruiter every minute. He now looks back on that time fondly, and thinks the current training is much too soft.

Of Ricís five terms in the Marines, he spent only one year on garrison duty. He spent three years in service schools, and did a few years of police actions, but that first entry in his SRF asking for shipboard duty worked most of the time, sending Ric to assignment after assignment on ships.

Promotion came quickly at first for Ric, making Lance Corporal his first term, and all the way to Sergeant his second. He also learned the fine art of fighting in downport bars while on his second ship, a skill he continued to master until promotion forced a stop to his fun. He was left with a lifelong love of working out and formal fighting competitions.

He cross trained as a shipboard medic, and learned to get along better with the navy crewman. In return, they liked him back. One of his shipís captain recommended Ric for advanced ship skill training.

Assignments to service schools interrupted the promotion process for Ric, but he considered that a fair tradeoff because he learned to pilot small craft and grav vehicles. Ric also learned to operate a turret, a skill which further insured his assignment to shipboard duty.

A promotion to Gunnery Sergeant brought with it a transfer to raid duty along with a MCUF, Ricís first real award and a source of pride for him when he returned to ship duty. He also picked up the fine Marine art of using heavy and support weapons for fun and profit.

In Ricís final term he was promoted to Sergeant Major, and sent back to raid duty. While he considered sandbagging through his final years, fate had other plans. While the Marine Raid Unit was mopping up a small Rule of Terra cell on an isolated planet near the Rim border, Ric took out a small force to check out a beachfront resort area for possible R&R use. To his surprise, he was really enjoying the morale and welfare duties of a Raid Unit SgtMaj.

While checking the resort area out, all communication on planet was lost. Ric was able to determine from the resort staff that the Ďsmallí RoT cell actually was a well embedded organization which enjoyed support of a number of the planetís lower class urban dwellers.

He seized a tourist grav bus and took his small detachment near (but not too near) the starport where he discovered that the Unit was scattered and the on-planet officers were dead. The port itself was in destroyed, the landline communications were controlled by the RoT, and most of the satellites in orbit had been EMPed. Ric was able to regain contact with the Unitís ship with the help of a comm section LCpl, and the ship broadcast a coded signal for the Marines to meet up back at the resort.

The ship sent down replacement gear for the 100 some-odd marines who arrived at the resort. Ric used them, and their support weapons and arty (with some help from the ship) to artfully disrupt or destroy the infrastructure of the city and to shoot down most attempted grav vehicle traffic in the area.

By the time an Imerial Navy task force arrived, three months later (just in time to chase certain newly arrived mysterious ships out of the outer system), the residents of the city were offering the heads of known RoT cell leaders in return for food and medicine.

Ricís SEH and Kighthood were conveyed personally by the Sector Duke, who was faced with the choice of knighting Ric or court martialing him. His retirement papers were given to him by the Marines as quickly as possible afterwards.

Sir Ricís Fief is somewhere in the Marches. Luckily for Ric, he likes to travel and has some saleable shipís crew skills. Sollies tend not to like Ric very much at all. Several Imperials donít like him either.

Ric Rainwalker

Str B Dex A End 8 Int A Edu 7 Soc B
Hits 96 Terms 5 Age 39 Pension Cr5,000 Rank Sergeant Major (E9) MCUF, SEH

From David Shayne:

Generated using CT book 1 2nd edition.

Lieutenant Alistair Plankwell (Kid Vicious) Cantor
9568C9 Age 22 1 Term Cr: 0

Possessions: Blade

Young Alistair, a scion of the social climbing Cantor family lately of the planet Mertactor/District 268 was pushed to join the Navy by his parents with the idea that great rank would lead inevitably to advancement in the circles of high society. At first the plan seemed to be working as young Cantor, Alistair P. received the Emperors commission and began what seemed to be an illustrious career in engineering. His diligent attention to duty and continual studying should have lead to his advancement up the rungs of power from lowly technician to Chief Engineer to the con and then in due time to the flag bridge. Alas a tiny incident toward the end of his first and only term of service marred his otherwise spotless record.

While serving aboard a Gionetti class cruiser engaged in piracy suppression Alistair was to earn a good deal of notoriety for single handedly repelling a daring boarding attempt by pirates of the most ruthless sort. Knocked unconscious by the breaching charges the foul corsairs used to gain entrance to the engineering decks and left for dead Ali took up the nearest weapon to hand - a shotgun from the corpse of one of the raiders - and went hunting for brigands in the labyrinths of the ship's access-ways. He accounted for 18 of 31 of the pirates but also in the heat of battle killed 3 of his fellow Spacers including 2 superior officers. Perhaps most damaging to his career though was when he lead the boarding party that went to the pirates ship among the casualties was the recently missing daughter of a minor Marquis. That the daughter might have been one of the pirates was not enough of an excuse.

This action earned Ensign Cantor a promotion for bravery, a finely crafted blade inscribed with the motto "Never Surrender" (presented by a cabal of the other ranks willing to overlook the death of a hapless able spaceman in light of the destruction of the boarding party and the pragmatic removal of 2 particularly disliked martinets) the nickname "Kid Vicious" given

partly in respect but mostly in fear of what most believe to have been a truly psychotic (if fortuitous) rage, and an honorable discharge from the navy.

Lieutenant Alistair "Kid Vicious" Plankwell mustered out broke and is now looking employment. Perhaps in the engineering compartment of a tramp trader.

Ex-LT Garaveth desHorton
38yo - Male - Human MCUF - 1 CA - 4
UPP - 875A98
Special Training - Protected Forces
20K credits

Garaveth was born in a nice area of a middle class area of the third biggest city of 'Trins Veil', on the edge of the Spinward Marches. His father is a industrial plastics engineer and his mother was a professional landscaper. He grew up under easy circumstances, where his modest needs were given to him since his family was busy all the time. He allowed his early habits to continue while he continued thru high school. Needless to say, though he qualified, his grades were sub standard for any college and most technical schools. So he looked for military service to bridge the gap.

When he chose the Army because they put on paper that he would not leave the sector, when it was time to chose his MOS (Military Occupation Specialty) the recruiting Sgt. got his fish when Garaveth said that he liked to camp.

After Basic, and AIT (advanced individual training) where he learned to handle support machine guns he was shipped off to serve in a heavy weapons platoon on the interdicted world of Zephyr. He spent his first three years there, serving in every capacity needed on an occupied world. He earned his MCUF and in general he had a great time.

His second hitch was less glamorous, since his original agreement was for his first hitch he was transferred to the Sword World borders and did some time watching for possible insurgents. Then was taken back for Protected Forces training. Then stayed an extra year as garrison on the training base finally earning his Sargent strips. Then on the last year of the hitch placed on a planet where there was a Police action going on. He was looking forward to combat, but was stuck as NCOIC of a small maintenance facility.

He decided to get out and with little behind him but the army experience he worked for 4 years with a decently respected mercenary unit called 'Hell's Gate'. He was back on a Heavy weapons platoon and made it to asst. Platoon Sargent after a couple years.

His unit was on a small, balkanized world fighting locals and doing well. Then there was a major counter attack, with superior weapons that were unknown in this region until now. After a week of falling back, he knew that they would not get to use the rep bond. On what he thought was his Platoons final stand, he was saved. The Imperium decided that the weapons and advances were due to off world influences that were unfriendly to the Imperium. The marines landed. Garaveth was in a pocket and along with a company of Marines came a naval medical team. He, though wounded, saw the Naval Doctor in charge directing his troops, treating the wounded and one time directing fire and assaulting a enemy position that was bypassed for some reason.

Garaveth was impressed so much, he quit the mercs, and took his money he saved and went to college and medical school.

Entering the Navy as a LT and qualified doctor, he began repaying the Navy for what he thought was a debt. At the end of what he thought was his first (not only) term, he was involved in a space battle (earning his only Combat Action in the Navy). The battle did not go well and it was thought at top to get rid of some of the low morale crewmen for the betterment of the Navy, and Garaveth's request for re-upping was refused.

Garaveth is kind of at loose ends now, he is looking for a job at a vets hospital so his imperial service can be counted for seniority and pay, but could be talked into some adventuring.

Respectively submitted; Eric Rhude

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