A way cool branch off of Cyberpunk is Steampunk. Take that gritty attitude and style, but place it at the end of the 19th Century instead of the early 21st. Steam powered Babbage Engines clanking out computations. Stout hearted heros (and heroines) with large Webley revolvers. The very latest in Science saving the day.
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An interesting spin off is DieselPunk. Steam has been replaced by Diesel Engines. Cyberpunk through a 1940/1950s hard-boiled Noir filter. The computers are still Babbage Engines, but they are smaller, and powered by Diesel Engine kept running by a short mechanic in grease covered overalls and a cap sporting the logo of a obscure engine manufacturer. You won't recognize the mechanic later that night when you are hitting the town. She's the one in the slinky dress, high heels, and a pistol that shouldn't fit in that clutch purse, but does.

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