He's just this guy, you see...

A sample of who/what he is not:

First off, Eclipse is the name of a character from a Shadowrun game I played in for years. It's also the name I used for various computer accounts I've had. I've been roaming the Internet for years. Before getting on the Internet proper (several decades years ago), I spent time on Compu$erve, and various BBS systems. I've been shoving my ever changing world view and opinions down other peoples throats via mailing lists, CI$ forums, and news groups all that time. These WEB pages and their links are just another way of continuing that practice.
If you like what you see, continue to visit, tell your friends, or even link some of my pages to yours. You could also provide more direct support.
If you don't like what you see, too bad. Don't come back, don't tell your friends, and linking my page to yours would be right out of the question.

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