Monday Book Picks 2008

My 2008 Monday book picks from the Blog
A Night in the Lonesome October by the late Roger Zelazny and illustrated by Gahan Wilson.

Cryptonomicon by Neal Stephenson.

John Ringo's The Last Centurion.

"The Sky People" by S.M. Stirling.

Space Viking by H. Beam Piper
One of my favorite books of all time. A story of love lost, revenge, the rise and fall of civilizations and love found.
Piper had a clear view of the "big picture" and told it through the personal experiences of people dealing with their slice of it.

Sideways in Crime

Lord Darcy
A delightful alternate history set of murder mysteries. Lord Darcy is an investigator in the 1960s for a Plantagenet Empire that never fell. He is joined by Master Sean O'Lochlainn, a Forensic Sorceror.

The Atrocity Archives by Charles Stross
It takes skill, talent and touch of madness to mix Lovecraftian horror, light comedy and the soul sucking job of IT support. Charles Stross must have all three, since he pulls it off.

Caliphate by Tom Kratman
A good adventure story and a cautionary tale as well. The basis for this alterante future history story is current birth rate trend in Europe and the current political policies of many European countries.

The Probability Broach by L. Neil Smith
This classic of Libertarian Science Fiction is also available as a graphic novel.

Old Man's War by John Scalzi.

Rogue Warrior by Richard Marcinko
The autobiography of the founder of SEAL Team Six, the Navy's anti-terrorist unit. Written in prison to pay off his legal fees. Considering one of his jobs in the Navy was to piss off Admirals, hardly surprising.
I still say the Admirals that put there should be brought up on charges. He is exactly the kind of psycho SOB (and I mean that in a good way) that you want doing the jobs he did.

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