Time Travel and Cross-Dimensional Science Fiction

S.M. Stirling is a stronger player in this field. He has written several other Alternate History/Time Travel books, including The Peshawar Lancers and several Terminator books.
I recommend Conquistador. This is a really cool book set in several variations of California. Sortly after WWII, a Pacific Theater vet accidently creates a gateway to an alternate california that is spareless populated by hunter/nomadic tribes and sets out to form his own country.

Simon Hawke's Time Wars Series.

John Barnes has strong entry with his Timeline Wars series
Here's an interesting series...a small West Virginian town dropped in the middle of Germany during the Thirty Year Wars...
This series has grown some serious lags. Many, many follow up books by a wide range of authors, all coordinated by the original author, Eric Flint.
Time Safari by David Drake
Not Time Travel, but Interdimesional is the late, great, Roger Zelazny's A Dark Traveling. This really cool book is dedicated to the teachers who taught his children to enjoy reading.

Robert A. Heinlein wrote a number of books involving Time Travel. These include:
Timeline by Michael Crichton
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