Page 6 of pictures I have taken in Yosemite National Park. These are from Late June/Early July 2005.

This is the Merced River downstream from Vernal Falls. That is a lot of water for that time of year.

Nevada Falls as seen from the John Muir Trail.
For kicks, we took the Valley Floor tour. As we pulled into the Vista Point by the Wawona Tunnel, we saw a brass band playing. I spoke with some of the band members. They were sightseeing in Yosemite between gigs and when they pulled in to that spot, they decided it would be a cool place to play. So they got their instruments out of the bus and did so. They were quite good, at least IMNSHO.
California Bear
I saw my first bear outside of Camp Curry (I've seen plenty of bears there) and of course, the flash on my camera was off.
You can tell it's a California Black Bear by the blonde fur on his back. I bet he goes into town and has it dyed.
Ranger Station
The Ranger Station by the Tioga Pass entrance. Elevation 9,945 feet. Note the snow! This was taken on June 28, 2005.
Ranger bikers
It was a bit warmer in the Valley. These bikers were taking advantage of the warm weather.
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