I've known a couple of people who have reached a moderate amount of fame.

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MCW senior pictureFor those of you who have seen the PBS series, Wishbone, here is what Mary Chris Wall looked like mumble years ago. This picture is from our High School yearbook. She has also appeared on the TV series Walker, Texas Ranger, and several motion pictues (All I saw of her in Ruby was the back of her head. Nice pink dress though).
Chris was in one of the Apple/PC commercials, as the "PR Lady."  
Scott  in CollegeScott Lobdell:  Known known by hordes of fanboys as the creator of Generation-X.  One of the Marvel Comics X-Men spin off series.   I knew Scott back in college.  We also spent some time studying Tae Kwon Do at the same dojang.
Here are a couple of interviews with Scott.
In July 1999, Scott signed a multi-picture first-look film, television and comic book development and writing deal with Dimension Films.
According to the Press Release Scott sent me: As part of the deal, the first two projects in development will be a film adaptation of Hellhole, a comic book created by Lobdell and Adam Pollina, and Lobdellís screenplay, The Last Man on Earth, a romantic comedy. Hellhole, a supernatural thriller about a secret police team assigned to protect citizens against beings from a supernatural world, will be produced for the screen by A Band Apart. The comic is published by Image and was optioned by Dimension as part of the overall deal.
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