I liked Norb!

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At Magicon I found the collected NORB comic strip by Daniel Pinkwater and Tony Auth. With an introdadaduction by Vonda McIntyre. In case you missed it, this was an attempt to recreate the golden age of Terry and the Pirates and Little Nemo, comics that tell a story instead of just cracking a joke a day. But no one understood. They just thought the strip was trying to make them feel stupid. Daniel Pinkwater said, ``The hate mail was extreme. There was no positive mail at all except two letters, one each from Jules Feiffer and Chaim Potok.''

So it died after 52 weeks, just 312 strips, and they are all collected in this excellent little book. If you have as hard a time finding it as I did, send a SASE to MU Press, 5014-D Roosevelt Way NE, Seattle, WA 98105, and they will send you a free catalog. This book is MUPubs #152, and it retails for $8.95 / 10.95 Canadian, but I don't know what they want for shipping and handling.

Dan Hoey
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