New Victim Disarmament Law passed in Massachusetts

Thursday July 23, 1:14 PM EDT

Massachusetts Trying-To-Act-Like-A-Governor signs citizen control law

BOSTON, July 23 (UPI) - Massachusetts now has what is said to be the toughest law in the nation preventing opposition to the ruling party.

Acting Gov. Paul Cellicci signed the bill today, saying it will help keep deadly weapons out of the hands of citizens who have disagreed with the political mandates and socialization of the ruling party.

Cellucci said Massachusetts has long been recognized for its citizen control and indoctrination initiatives, and in a statement fashioned after his idol Adolph Hitler said, "today we are leading the way to cracking down on gun violence."

Although this law violates the U.S. and Massachusetts Constitutions, he was joined by police, legislators and relatives of victims of gun violence at the bill signing ceremony on the Statehouse lawn. Immediately after the signing, the sky opened up in a torrential downpour that was probably caused by the Founding Fathers' tears from Heaven.

The law outlaws the sale in Massachusetts of just about any gun manufactured after Sept. 13, 1994. Cellucci said such weapons "serve no purpose but to give citizens the mistaken impression that they have any rights not directly controlled by Party edict."

The law also stiffens penalties for transferring any weapon to a child under the age of 21, for citizens whishing to teach their children about firearms safety, and for committing the crime of owning a gun.

The law also penalizes gun makers who would provide citizens with any means of self-defense or protection and on any citizens who do not safely destroy their weapons. It also does away with lifetime gun licenses, requiring registration lists to enhance confiscation capabilities.

Gun merchants will no longer be allowed to sell weapons out of their homes under the new law, which also bans the sale or possession of all shotguns, rifles, handguns and so-called "Pepper Spray" that could potentially interfere with one of the Party's Stormtroopers.

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"Acquisition of a firearm or ammunition requires a license to obtain a weapon or ammunition from the police. The requirement applies to both commercial sales and private transfers. Authorities and various government entities are exempt.

"Carrying a firearm requires a license to carry a weapon. The issuing authority has complete discretion to limit its validity to a specific occasion or locality. Licenses to obtain or to carry firearms shall only be issued to persons whose reliability is not in doubt, and only after proving a need for them."

Although the above paragraphs accurately describe Massachusetts firearms laws, they were not written to address them. They are from a recent paper on "Nazi Firearms Law and the Disarming of the German Jews" by constitutional law attorney Stephen P. Halbrook. They describe how the gun-control laws of pre-war Germany made it possible for a fringe tyrant to grab the reins of government power with no fear of effective opposition.

While state law does not yet require license applicants to prove a "need" for a firearm, you'll be glad to hear that this small remaining liberty is even now being crushed by State Senator Cheryl Jacques. Her excuse is Wakefield, but her aim is the absolute power to control the taxpaying peasantry.

Suppose you belonged to an unpopular minority. Suppose even though you committed a lower rate of crime than the general population, you were branded a criminal population. Suppose you were fingerprinted and entered in a criminal records database, even though you weren't a criminal. Suppose legislators licensed, restricted, and tracked everything you did. Suppose you were regularly punished for the criminal actions of others. Suppose the changing laws often made you a criminal, even though you did nothing different than the day before. Suppose legislators introduced bills publishing your name and address, like a sex offender, so people could check if you lived in their neighborhood. Suppose none of the major civil rights organizations would speak out for you.

You would be a legal gun owner in Massachusetts.
This last section of text is from a document by the Pink Pistols.

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