Misguided Mom March

I think that most of them had their hearts in the right place, but they just didn't do any independent critical thinking on the subject.

The call was for 'reasonable gun safety laws', but the groups behind the rally have publically stated goals that go much beyond that.
The rank and file women their were window dressing for the real purpose the rally.
The New York Post wrote about it, "So in the end, the Million Mom March turned out to be little more than a superhyped Democratic Party campaign rally."

This so-called grass roots movement had the finacial and organizational backing of the Democratic National Committee.
One of the key people behind this media event is a close relative of HRC media consultant Susan Bloodworth-Thomas.
HRC supporter and vocal MMM activist Rosie O'Donnell just hired a bodyguard (who carries a handgun) to protect her child.
She feels that her kid is important enough for this level of safety, but your kid is not!

Far Left political activist Susan Saradon was there. This hypocrit is a member of a Beverly Hills Gun Club, where she practices with her handgun.

Senator Diane Feinstein (D-CA) was also there. Did you know that she is a HCI Member), and carrie{s,d} a concealed handgun?

If you are interested in effective self-defense, try A Woman's Self-Defense Guide to Concealed Carry (CCW)

The numbers used by the event show the level of truth set for the event.

They spoke about the '12 kids a day killed by handguns' in such a manner to make you think of dead toddlers.
The truth is that if you don't count 'kids' aged 15-19 shooting each other over crack deals, their number drops by more than two thirds.
This makes their number dishonest in several ways:

  1. 18 and 19 year olds are not kids. They are legally adults.
  2. Courts routinely charge 15-17 year olds who commit violent crimes as adults.
  3. Laws that restrict firearm ownership by law abiding adults will effect these 'kids' (aged 15-19) from getting firearms about as well the drug laws that have been on the books since the 1920's have kept them from getting crack.
The honest truth is that children (i.e. 14 and under) are in more mortal danger from unsecured cigarette lighters, plastic five gallon buckets, and home swimming pools than they are from legally owned firearms. Don't take my word for this. Look up the CDC numbers yourself. Doing your own research and applying critical thinking is the last thing Hillary Clinton, Sarah Brady & Rosie O'Donnell want you to do.

The event organizers even

Million Mom Marcher Barbara Graham shoots innocent man Kikko Smith
To top it off, they are not willing to pay their fair share.
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