National Firearms Association

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What is the National Firearms Association?

The Aims of NFA are: One, and only one Branch of the NFA may be established in each province and each territory of Canada. Each branch has jurisdiction only it its own Province or Territory.

The NFA provides services to the recreational firearms community, including $2,000,000 liability insurance coverage at a cost of $4.50 per member covered per year. It also provides phone-call services for expert advice on many firearms-related matters, from range construction to decision transcripts from firearms cases.

The NFA deals with firearms law in all of its ramifications, from supplying expert witnesses for firearms-related cases in the courts to lobbying for improved firearms control. Our lobbying methods include grassroots political activism within all Parties active in the political process, with extensive direct contact between our members and politicians seeking Party nomination.

The NFA educational program is designed to increase political awareness and encourage direct participation in the partisan political process, but the NFA supports no particular Party. The NFA inform its members of the decisions and actions of all Parties, but the choice of which Party to support or oppose is left entirely to the discretion of the members themselves. The NFA actively promotes membership in the political Party of the NFA supporter's choice, regardless of which Party is chosen.

If the NFA has a political stance, it is that the citizens should have and maintain good control over both the political process and over their elected representatives. Arrogance and untoward willingness to run roughshod over the wishes of the electorate are chronic diseases which frequently afflict politicians in power, an example of the ancient dictum that power corrupts.

Mr. D.A. Tomlinson
National President
Box 1779, Edmonton, AB Bus: (403)439-1394
T5J 2P1 Canada Fax: (403)439-4091

Major R.A. Laycock
Administrator and Editor
Box 4384, Station C
Calgary, Alberta, Canada T2T 5N2
Tel: (403) 640-1110
Fax: (403) 640-1144
Yearly Membership includes

$2,000,000 liability insurance for and additional $4.50 per year NFA Liability insurance ($500 deductible) covers each regular, "65+", FAMILY or BUSINESS member while hunting or shooting on any approved range.

Up to $2,000,000 ($500 deductible) for each occurrence will be paid for injuries and/or property damage resulting from the actions of any Club with NFALI (or any one of such a club's members) at all demonstrations, practice, training, and/or competition shooting and/or other firearms activities sponsored by, or directly supervised by, the club with NFALI. Any member without other insurance is covered to $2,000,000 for hunting. If he has other insurance, coverage is extended by $2,000,000.

NFALI covers the liabilities incurred by each Member, Executive, Employee, Instructor, Coach, Range Officer, Official, and Volunteer -- as well as by the club as a whole. Insured members are ALSO covered against injury to each other, and damage to each other's property. Temporary authorized range users, if they're "Affiliated Members" of the insured club by bylaw, are covered. Club members authorized to represent the insured club are covered when engaged in competitions away from the "home" range.

If the club rents some building space, its space is covered for $100,000 against damage caused by negligence, and the club is covered up to $2,000,000 for damage to the rest of the premises caused by negligence. If the club executive or a director does a wrongful (but not criminal) act which results in loss to the club, it is covered to $1,000,000. YES, THE NFA SENDS YOU A FULL COPY OF THE POLICY, SO YOU CAN SEE PRECISELY WHAT YOU'VE BOUGHT. (NFALI is from 01 Dec 92, or later postmark date, to 30 Nov 1993)

NEW! Clubs over 100 members can insure part of the club!
Just list the club's hunters, not the anglers, if you want to!

NEW! NFALI also covers bowhunters and archery practice and competitions on archery ranges.

You also get a free subscription to Canadian Hunting and shooting Magazine (free) as well as the Point Blank monthly newsletter.

US members welcome! If US mailing address, submit membership in US funds (to cover extra postage).

Regular Membership  $25 
Age 65 or older     $12
Family membership   $40
Business membership $50
Club fee	    $40 or $1 per member which ever is larger.

			Membership Application

Name  _________________________________________ Donation ($_____)
Address _______________________________________ No. of Members: ____
Town ____________________ Province ____________ Postal Code: _________
65+$12(____) Regular $25(___)  Family $40 (____) Business $50 (_____)
Club Fee $40 or 1$ per member: which ever is larger	  ($_______) 
For NFA Liability Insurance  ADD $4.50 per member covered ($_______)
						TOTAL:    ($_____)
Send application to NFA, Box 4384, Station C, Calgary, Alberta  T2T 5N2

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