Are you a Democrat or Republican?

1)� What is your personal income level?� Is it:
2) Describe your family:
3) What is the most politically incorrect thing about Scooby Doo?
4) There's this weird drunk hanging out in front of your home. Do you
5) I'm against school vouchers because...
6) Bill Clinton's Welfare Reform Policy is:
7)� Bill Clinton's Official Drug Policy is:
8) Why do you admire Hillary Clinton?
9) What would Bill Clinton have to do for you to not vote for him?
10)� If Bill and Hillary discovered _________ in Chelsea's room, they would disown her. ONLY ONE ANSWER IS CORRECT.
11)� Al Gore's dynamic speech pattern makes him an excellent choice for the position of:
12)� Bill Clinton strongly believes in
13) There is a logical, believeable way that missing Whitewater documents showed up in the White House reading room that adjoins Hillary's office after the administration claimed to have handed over all relevant documents:

SCORING:� None. IF you think this is a humor page, you're a Republican. IF you had a hard time picking the best answer because they're all so true, you're a Democrat.

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