Kosho Shorei-Ryu Kempo

Bruce Juchnik is the current Grandmaster of the Kosho Shorei-Ryu Kempo system. He is one of the few, and the first, to receive a Masters certificate from Kosho Ryu Kempo Jujitsu Grandmaster James Mitose.

Prior to meeting Mr. Mitose, Mr. Juchnik was a 3rd Dan in Tracy Kenpo. He owned and operated a string of schools in Northern California teaching the Tracy System of American Kenpo Karate. One of his students was guard at the maximum security prison were James Mitose was serving a life sentance.

Mr. Juchnik met with Mr. Mitose (at the prison) multiple times, where he received verbal only lessons in Kosho-Ryu Kempo (It would have been against California law for Mr. Mitose to provide physical instruction in the martial arts). Before his death, Grandmaster Mitose issued several Masters Certificates. The first one was awarded to Bruce Juchnik.

Mr. Jucknik calls the system of Kempo he teaches Kosho Shorei-Ryu Kempo.
Mr. Juchnik currently lives in Sacramento, California. He can be reached at 1-916-988-6586.

James Mitose's son, Thomas Mitose, teaches Kosho-Ryu Kempo, and is considered by some (including Kajukenbo Grand Master Emperato) to the true source of his father's Kempo Jujitsu.
James Mitose's orginal Hawaiian dojo is still open and is teaching Kempo Jujitsu. Grandmaster Mitose picked Thomas Young (who recently passed away) to run his dojo when he retired from teaching Kempo full time.

Kosho Shorei-Ryu Kempo Family Tree

  James Mitose                                                   Hoon Chow
(KOSHO-RYU KEMPO)                                            (SHAOLIN KUNG-FU)
       |                                                             |
       |                              |
       |                      William K.S. Chow
       |                   (Chinese KARA-HO KEMPO)
       |	     	              |                              
       |		          Ed Parker             
       | 		       (AMERICAN KENPO)           
       |		              |                 
       |		        Jim & Al Tracy 
       |		         (Tracy Kenpo)
       |			      |
		    		Bruce Juchnik
	         	   (Kosho Shorei-Ryu Kempo)

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