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KEMPO/KENPO FAQ: Grandmaster List

version 5.4.0 - August 9, 2022

Maintained & updated by: Mark Urbin

The following FAQ is for the Kempo/Kenpo arts in general and is not specific to one particular Kempo/Kenpo school. Most of the history and information has a focus towards Kempo systems descending from James Mitose's Kosho-Ryu Kempo. There are other Kempo systems mentioned in this document. In most cases, throughout this FAQ, the word "Kempo" is used, though either Kempo or Kenpo could have been used. The reasoning is explained in this FAQ. Remember that this document is a "Frequently Ask Questions" list. It is not intended as in in depth study, just a starting point. Most of the URL's of sites linked in this document can be found near the end of the document. Please send any feedback, questions, complaints, etc. about this FAQ to the maintainer. Please note, that this FAQ, in no way (just in case anyone thinks it is), was not meant to be offensive. Any corrections to any information given, as well as additions, is much appreciated.

Grandmaster List

This is not a complete list by any means.

Great Grandmaster James M. Mitose (D)
Koshu Ryu Kempo
Grandmaster William Chow (D)
15th dan founder Kara-Ho Kempo
Adriano Emperado (D)
10th dan founder Kajukenbo
Grandmaster Edmund Parker (D)
10th dan founder American Kenpo Karate
Grandmaster Frederick J. Villari (D)
15th dan Great Grandmaster and Founder Shaolin Kempo Karate
Grandmaster Thomas B. Mitose
Koshu Ryu Kempo
Grandmaster George Pesare (D)
Kempo Karate
Soke John Rubiano
9th Dan, founded Kokon-Ryu Kempo
Professor Gary Dill, 10th Dan Soke
founder of Bushido Kempo
Professor Charles Stanley,9th Dan Soke
founded a Kempo Karate system
Doug Devlin
Soke Kam Lung Kempo
Raul Gutterrez
Founder Kempo Fu Shih
Robert W. Hoe
Kosho Ryu Kempo
Hanshi Bruce Juchnik
Kosho Ryu Kempo
Grandmaster Sam Kuoha
Inheritor Kara-Ho Kempo
Grandmaster Nick Cerio (D)
10th dan founder Cerio's Kenpo
Glenn Kwan
Founder Kwans Kempo System
F. MacLeod
Dai Soke Kam Lung Kempo
Andrew McGill
9th Dan Kempo Jitsu
Professor Mike Tiwanak
founder CHA-3 Kenpo Karate
Soke Gary Dill
10th Dan, Bushido Kempo
Professor Rick Moneymaker
8th Dan, Okinawan Kenpo
Soke Rick LeClair
7th Dan, Kindai Inazuma Ryu Kenpo
Professor Rick Boyer
10th Dan, Founder Kindai-Ryu Kempo
Norman N. Armstrong
Founder, Ten Chi Kenpo Karate
Great Grandmaster Ralph Castro
Founder, Shaolin Kenpo
Grandmaster Reginald Hoover, 10th Dan
Butokutsuru Ryu Kempo-Jutsu
Grandmaster Rick Greene, 10th Dan
Takai Shin Kempo Karate
Grandmaster Taxiarhis Karalis, 10th Dan
Goshin SenJutsu Kempo
Soke Mihails Pupinsh, 8th Dan
Eko Do Kempo Karate
Soke Jose Raul Planas-Huertas, 6th Dan
Tamashi Ryu Kempo Karate-Do
Grandmaster George Elmer
Chinese American Kenpo
Dr. Giovani Acevedo
Soke - Founder Goju Kempo
Professor Ron Bradbury
Soke - Founder American Kenpo Bu-justsu Karate
Professor Carter Hargrave
Soke - Founder American Combat Kempo
Hanshi Nimr Hassan
Koga Ha Kosho Shorei Ryu Kempo
Grandmaster Cal Carozzi, 10th Dan
Shaolin Kempo Karate
Grandmaster Charles Mattera
Shaolin Kempo Karate
Shihan Joseph Nesta, 10th Dan
Shaolin Kempo Karate
Shihan Paul Taylor, 10th Dan
Shaolin Kempo Karate
Grandmaster Roger Carpenter
Kempo Karate
Grand Master Robert Gemmell
Shaolin Chuan Fa
Grand Master James Brassard
Shaolin American Kempo
Soke Dr. Benson Campbell
Kokoro-Bushi-Do (KBD) Kempo Karate

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