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The following FAQ is for the Kempo/Kenpo arts in general and is not specific to one particular Kempo/Kenpo school. Most of the history and information has a focus towards Kempo systems descending from James Mitose's Kosho-Ryu Kempo. There are other Kempo systems mentioned in this document. In most cases, throughout this FAQ, the word "Kempo" is used, though either Kempo or Kenpo could have been used. The reasoning is explained in this FAQ. Remember that this document is a "Frequently Ask Questions" list. It is not intended as in in depth study, just a starting point. Most of the URL's of sites linked in this document can be found near the end of the document. Please send any feedback, questions, complaints, etc. about this FAQ to the maintainer. Please note, that this FAQ, in no way (just in case anyone thinks it is), was not meant to be offensive. Any corrections to any information given, as well as additions, is much appreciated.

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Mitose Kempo Family Tree

The original source for the first tree is IKF Presents (March 1994). The tree was made by Kajukenbo Black Belt John Bishop.  It was typeset by Paul Seaby.   It has since, then been added to, by the FAQ maintainer, Mark Urbin.   The second tree was posted by Rick Heile, on 3-NOV-1986 11:06. The third tree was supplied by Bruce Corrigan,
The fourth tree is a Shaolin Kempo tree provided by Shaolin Kempo Great Grandmaster Fred Villari III.
A Kajukenbo tree is being maintained by Charlie Walton, it can be found at

A quick note on trees.   These linear, two dimensional trees don't show the whole story.  Many of those listed have training in arts other than Kempo.  Others have trained from several different Kempo instructors, even if they are only shown as having a single instructor on the trees.

  Choki Motobu
  James Mitose                                                   Hoon Chow
(KOSHO-RYU KEMPO)                                            (SHAOLIN KUNG-FU)
| |
William K.S. Chow
| | | | |
Ed Parker Adriano Emperado Masaichi Oshiro William Q.C. Chun John Chow-Hoon
| | James Muro
----------- ------------------------------------------------------
| | | | |
| Marino Tiwanak John Leone Sid Asuncion Sonny Gascon
| | | |
|--Ralph Castro | | George Pesare | (SHAOLIN KENPO) | | |
| Bill Ryusaki Al Dacascos Nick Cerio
| (SAM-PAI KENPO) | | |
| Benny Urzuidez Malia Bernal Fred Villari |--Steve Sanders (UKIDOKAN KARATE) (BODY DEFENSE) (SHAOLIN KEMPO KARATE)
|--Jim & Al Tracy | (TRACY'S KENPO) | |--Tino Tuilosega | (LIMA LAMA) | ---David German (T.A.I KARATE)

A Second Kempo Family Tree

Shorinji Kempo
The Mitose (Kosho) Clan
James M. Mitose (Kemposai Kosho, 21st Descendant of the founder) | +-------------+--------------+------+---------+------------+---------------+ | | | | | | Jiro NaraMura Thomas Young Paul Yamaguchi Arther Keawe William Chow Edward Lowe
| | |
| | Manual DeLa Cruz
+-------------+------------+-+----------+------------+------------+ +-------+
| | | | | | |
Antone Krusky Steve Baldomero Paul Pung George Nagazawa Simon Eli Woodrow McCandles |
| | |
Edmund K. Parker Bro Abe Kamahoaoa Adriano Emperado
| |

A Third Kempo Family Tree.

                                                                Mitose Family Art
								  Choki Motubu
                    					Kosho RyumKenpo Shuri Ryu Kempo
                                                                   James Mitose
                                                                Kosho Shorei Kempo
                                                                William K.S. Chow
                                                        Dian Hsuhe Go Shinjutsu Kenpo Kai
                                                                Adriano "NONOY" Emperado
                                                                  Sonny Gascon
                                                        Karazenpo Go Shinjutsu Shaolin Kempo
Joe Blacquerrra   Angelo Scavarda   Francis Lacina   George Pesare   Jackie Chang   Julian Generalao   Charles Frank
                                                       Jean Guy Angel          Pat Azarian
                                                       Robert Barber           Marie Barkley
                                                       Ralph Bomba             John Di Calogero
                                                       Robert Calouri          Roger Carpenter
                        _______________________________Nick Cerio              Bruce Corrigan_________
                        |                              Armen Garo              Paul Graves            |
                        |                              Linda Herzog            Charles Lee            |
                        |                              Al Leonetti             Michael Luster         |
                        |                              Mark Marcantonia        Bruce Marshall         |
                        |                              Fred Menna              Robert Messore         |
                        |                              Gary Moneti             Dennis Passaretti      |
                        |                              Vincent Pezzi           Ken Pistacchio         |
                        |                              Paula Pucino            Robert Ran             |
                        |                              Peter Vierra            Donna Vinbury          |
			|			       Art Lapham___ 	       Joel Weltman	      |
                        |                                           |                                 |
                        |                                           |       ___________________________________ 
                  Fred Villari                                      |       Anthony DeLalla      Meg Brownell
               _________|______________                             |       Rafael Perez         Shawn Riquelme
           _____Cal Carrozzi          Sam Biancuzzo	    ________|________ 
           |    Rudy Horne            Larry Mangone	    Monique Guay
Kevin Pence Sr  Kirk Horne            Claremont Poulin	    Gary Chhim
                Steve Pappas          Jerry Swanson	    Kenneth Bryan
                Fred Bagley           David Leggerri
                John Fritz            Charles Materra
		Frank Villari         Steve DeMasco
                Mark Grupposo         Art Singer
                Patrick Cronin        Joe Shuras_____________
           _____Robert Nohelty        Bill FitzPatrick	     |
           |    Harvey Thaler__       Jim Brassard	Kathy Shuras
           |                   |   
           |                   |
           |                Jim Caruso__________________                            
           |              __Al Gallo	                |
           |             |  Joe Baker                   |
           |             |  Dominick Violante__         |
           |             |  Rick Banks         |        |
                                                       Jeanene Ryan
       Ron Francisco     |                     |       Alan D'Allessandro__
           |           Mark Urbin              |                           |
       William Varner  Carl Adams              |                           |
                       Eric Mueller            |                  Alan D'Allessandro, Jr.
                       Jason Fitzpatrick      Ken Lacours         April D'Allessandro
                       Ben Thomas             Jim Matte           Charles M. Tarr
                       Lisa Allen             Ken Johnson         Michael Zuschalg
		       Derek Martell
		       Drew Hirtle
		       Tom Livingston
Sarah Huber

Shaolin Kempo Karate Family Tree
						   --------------------------------------------Tibetan Lama
						  |				                       |
						  |				                       |
                                          The Begging Monk			                       |
					          |				                       |
                                         Ch'ueh Tuan Shan Jen			                       |
 						  |                                      Frederick Joseph Villari
       						  |                                                    |
                                                  Li                                                   |
    						  |                                                    |
                                               Sakagawa                                                |
						  |                                                    |
                     _____________________________|________________________                            |
                     |                                                    |                            |
                     |                                                    |                            |
                Wen Lao Shi                Choki Motubu                   |                            |
		     |                      (Shuri-te)                    |                            |
                     |                           |                        |                            |
                 So Doshin		   James Mitose ------------- Hoon Chow                        |
			                 (Koshu Ryu Kempo)	     (Shaolin Kung fu)                 |
                                                |                                                      |
                                                |                                                      |
			              William K.S. Chow                                                |
			            (Chinese Kara ho Kempo)                                            |
                                                |                                                      |
                                                |                                                      |
                 _____________________________________________________________                         |
                 |                              |                            |                         |
           Edmund Parker		Adriano Emperado		Nick Cerio ------------- Fred Villari III
       (American Kenpo Karate)		   (Kajukenbo)		      (Kenpo Karate)	      (Shaolin Kempo Karate)
                        Achieved the Rank of 8th and 9th Degree Black Belt
Mark Grupposo	John Fritz	David Leggeri	   Armen Heroian     John Gilbert
Roger Lavoie	Frank Arteese	Henry Choo Chong   Kirk Horne        Joan Richert
Steve Pappas	Fred Bagley	Yves Savard	   Charley Mattera   Rudy Horne
                       Achieved the Rank of 5th to 7th Degree Black Belt
Greg Tal	  Dave Shirley	    David Boise	        Scott Woods	  Rick Madore	      Mike St. Amand
Hugh McLaughlin	  John Delorey	    Phil Hardcastle	Joe Narcissi	  Rick O'Brien        Fredrick Lapan IV
Rejean Morin	  Normand Groleau   Russell Streff	Bob Bombalier	  Jim Alty            Maurille St-Louis
Tom Gagne	  Bill Anderson	    Robert Huckins	Mary Edwards	  Jim Brassard	      Don Spink
Donna Angelle	  Ron Gately	    Mario Camardella	Mike Kaplan	  Charles Kenfield    Ben Bellucci
Todd Lorenz	  Brian Hanson	    Bill Mailman	Julie Guido	  Phil Beauregard     Joe Pierro
Andy Biggers	  Denise Matte	    James Matte	        James Caruso	  Domenick Violante   Ken Canestaro
Mark Pearson	  Michael Brown	    Al Gallo	        Jay Van Schelt	  Steve Demasco	      Ken Lecours	
Bob Meserve	  Laurie Shover	    James Bryant	Kevin Cincotta	  Bob Nohelty	      Art Singer
Frank Bonnevie	  Frank Villari	    Cal Carozzi	        Robert Thompson	  Bob George	      Larry Burnes	
Harvey Thaler	  Larry Mangone	    John Raftes	        Robert Pearlswig  Kin Houston	      Sam Biancuzzo
Merle Geierman	  Andy Levine	    Brian Asch	        Frank Nobleza	  Nancy Simon	      Jerry Simon 
Bob Lamattina	  Anthony Snoble    Brian Keller	Claude Paquette	  Emmanuel St-Louis   Jim Leblanc
Bill FitzPatrick

Here is a Mitose Kempo Family Tree.

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