Information taken from a post by (Paul Micciche/UB Networks) to the rec.martial-arts newsgroup Paul Micciche was a Shodan in Nick Cerio's International Martial Arts Association. He was also an instructor in a Nick Cerio's International Martial Arts Association dojo.

Professor Cerio passed away on October 7, 1998. The cause of death was complications from cancer.
Instead of picking a single direct Soke-Designate, in December of 1997, Mr. Cerio formed an Executive Board to assist in running his organization.  This group of five senior instructors were to continue the system after Mr. Cerio's death.

The original members were Shihan John James, Shihan Craig Seavey, Shihan Joe Nesta, Shihan Mark Sheeley, and Sensei Maryanne Weeden.  These people were picked by Mr. Cerio based on character, time in the system, and his personal trust in them.

On December 20, 1998, Shihan Mark Sheele handed in his written resignation from the Executive board, and the Nick Cerio Kenpo organization.   Mr. Sheeley stated that he was leavng for personal reasons. He operates his school in Cumberland, RI. He uses the name Ken-sho Ryu (Kenpo and Shotokan) to identify this art.

Shihan Clemont Poulin has replaced Mr. Sheele on the Executive Board.

The current Board consists of:

This data is direct from Shihan James of the Cerio Kenpo Executive board.

As of 2013, the board had disbanded. There is no more Nick Cerio's International Martial Arts Association.

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