Haldane's Harriers Unit Symbol

The symbol of Haldane's Harriers was designed in the early 3000's when the unit was formed by four mechwarriors mustering out of the Davion 7th Crucis Lancer Regimental Combat Team.

At that time the unit consisted of four mechs and a security squad.

The symbol is as follows:

A black hawk, its wings spread open, is shown emerging from the flames of a sunburst. In one claw it holds a lightning bolt; in the other, a bundle of arrows.
The sunburst represents the origin of the unit from the Davion Federated Suns. Otherwise, the original four mechs are represented. The dark hawk represents Captain Victor Haldane's Shadowhawk. The fact that it is coming from flames represents Malcolm Duggan's Phoenix Hawk. The lightning bolt is for Tempus Steele's Thunderbolt. The arrows are for Darrian Foster's Archer.
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