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Our first game, back before we called ourselves Space Vermin. There were just the three of us to start. The GM Rich, Derek, and myself. Then came Mitch, then Mark, Charles, Ed, Jim, Stuart, and a few more who came and went.

We started out simple. A small mercenary company calledHaldane's Harrier's. The year was 3026, and we were in the Free Worlds League, near the Lyran Commonwealth border.

Things grew from there. A few years of gaming under a succession of GMs (Rich, Derek, Mitch, then myself) and we had a battalion.

Most of the Harriers' time was spent under contract to the Lyran Commonwealth.

Before the game went into Haitius, we calved off a more managable unit. A small mercenary company called Steele's Spartans.

Some of the PCs included:

Haldane's Harriers
The orginal mercency mech unit the Space Vermin BattleTech game was based on. A lot of background was generated for this unit. This includes a symbol, uniforms, rank insignia, and a history. A group of Harriers celebrate Liberation Day. Along the way, the Harriers picked up a hot- feces Tech named Dent.
After the battlefield death of Major Alister Haldane, Darrian Foster took command. After his decision to retire, his son Thomas was promoted to Major and placed in command of the unit.

Steele's Spartans
After the death of his lifelong friend, Alister Haldane, Grex Steele cashed in his stock in the Harriers (a good chunk, since his late father, Lt. Tempus Steele, was a founding member), and started his own mercenary Mech unit. Some members of the Harriers signed up with him. These include:

Steele's Spartans uses a very similar uniform and rank scheme as Haldane's Harriers. The unit insignia is also different.
For a young unit, the Spartan's have already had some personnel changes.
Here is the TO&E for Steele's Spartans.  They are currently stationed on the planet Port Moseby.
Equipment used by the Harriers & Spartans.

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