Camaron Strasse: Scales of the Dragon Mage of the Akashic Brotherhood.

Camaron is the son of Lt. Colonel Reese J. (Julius) Strasse, U.S. Marine Corps, and Samantha Strasse, nee Parker. His mother was a Navy nurse who filed for divorce from then Lt. Reese when she found out that she came a poor second to the Corps. This took place when Camaron was six. His parents were still living in Okinawa, where he was born. Camaron fought for, and gained custody of Camaron and his sister, four year old Tabitha. Samantha later married a Navy doctor who retired and set up a successful practice in Boston. She and her husband, Dr. Hillerman, are still in the Boston area.

The children's life became very regimented without the calming influence of their mother. Reese Strasse felt the martial arts of Okinawa and Japan would provide good discipline and training for his children. Camaron studied Karate, Jujitsu, and Kendo. Tabitha was enrolled in Judo, Najinta, and flower arranging classes. This continued for another six years, as Lt. Strasse became Captain Strasse.

Shortly after Camaron's twelfth birthday, his father was transferred to the Presidio, just outside San Francisco, CA. On the advice of a local Gunnery Sergeant, Captain Reese took his children into Chinatown, where they studied Hung Gar Gung Fu from an uncle of the Gunnery Sergeant. As the only non-Chinese in the class, the other students treated them as outsiders. Camaron had to prove on several occasions that Okinawan Kara-Te was not a 'barbarian's sport.' Most of the time he managed to make his point.

Camaron and his sister liked northern California, and were disappointed three years later when his father was transferred to the China Lake Naval Weapons Testing Center. Thirteen-year-old Tabitha was consoled with the option of trading one of her martial arts classes with piano lessons. Camaron was disappointed in having to give up fencing. His high school had a fencing class, with his Kendo training, Camaron was the rising young star of the team's sabre squad.

Now Major Strasse trusted in the Marine Corps to take care of things, and the Corps came through. He was told of a retired Sergeant Major living in the desert nearby. Sergeant Major Phillip Eagle retired from the Corps after thirty-five years of service. As a young enlistee he served in the freshly conquered Okinawan islands and Japan. There he studied the local martial arts with the dedication and skill of a Navaho warrior. It was there that he was inducted into the Akashic Brotherhood. He further honed his skills when the Corps transferred him to Europe. There he studied the Sabre, and honed his marksmanship with Akashic Masters.

Phillip Eagle saw the potential in young Camaron. He agreed to tutor him sabre. He also became his Kara-te instructor. That lead to desert retreats where he taught the young warrior the ways of a Navaho Warrior, and the secrets of the Akashic Brotherhood.

Just before his eighteenth birthday, Camaron's Avatar came to him under the full desert moon, with the help of a little peyote.

Camaron disappointed his father by not joining the Marines, or going to a military academy, after graduating high school. Camaron instead went back to Japan for a year. He told his father it was to study martial arts. This was partially true, his true reason was to further his studies with the Brotherhood. While he was in Japan, his father was killed during a training exercise. The helicopter he was in flew a little too NOE. Tabitha went to Boston to live with her mother. She was accepted to Harvard as a pre-med student. She continued to study Aikido, but didn't have the aptitude to enter the Brotherhood. After finishing his training in Japan, Camaron traveled to India to further his studies, with side trips over the Himalayas to train in China. He caught a steamer to Italy early in his sister's sophomore year in college. He wandered Europe for a while. Teaching and studying the arts mostly. He studied the sword from various Akashic Masters in several different countries. He even did a few short mercenary tours in Africa.

Camaron returned to the States in time for his sister's graduation from Harvard. From Boston, he started to wander again. He has been from Northeast Canada to Mexican border towns. He still studies, teaches, and fights when needed. He can be described as a cross between Kwi-Chang Caine, and the Badger.

Character © Copyright 2002 Mark Urbin
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