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As of Jan 21, 2003, I'm an TML Ace!
I picked up number 7 in September of 2006. A slow but steady growth trend.

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IMTU Code: tc+ tm- tne+ t4+ tg ru ge+ 3i c+ jt- au+ st+ ls+ pi ta+ he+ kk++ hi as va+ dr ith- vr ne+ so zh- vi da+ sy
Captain Grex Rohr Steele
A native of Talon, a dry planet in the Federated Suns, noted for it's Mech factories. Grex Steele is 186cm tall, and masses 85 Kilograms. He is big in the shoulders and has strong legs. His dirty blonde hair is worn slightly longer than regulation, with a full handlebar moustache. His eyes have the steel grey color common in his family. His manner is gruff, yet friendly. As a graduate of the Federated Suns Sakhara Academy, he is allowed to wear the spurs of a House Davion Mechwarrior. He wore them as part of his Harriers uniform and continues to wear them as part of his Spartans uniform.
Grex speaks with an accent identified as Terran-Texan, complete with slang and frontier period sayings. While Grex has always had slight Terran-Southern accent associated with natives of Talon, he aquired his deeper accent during his stay at the Sakhara Academy. The rumor is he did it to annoy certain classmates with hightened sense of their own bloodlines.
He is currently the CO of Steele's Spartans, a mercenary Mech Company in the employ of the Lyran Commonwealth. Before founding his own unit, he was in command of the Heavy Lance in Checkmate Company of Haldane's Harriers. Not all of command is glory...
Mechwarrior Karl Tashido Hilnder
A native of New Kyoto, his family served the Lyran Commonwealth His speech has a slight gaelic accent and is peppered with Japanese and German words and sayings. He is just over six feet in height, with blonde hair, blue/green eyes and a slight Oriental cast to his features. He carries a Harriers issue laser pistol, several knifes (the type and number vary) and a Daisho that have been with his family since they left Terra. He also owns an English style long bow (which he made, along with the arrows) and DCMS issue automatic pistol. When off-duty, Karl often wears a kilt nearing the Hilnder Tartan. As a skilled Tech, he spends much time in the mech bays. He is currently a member of Steele's Spartans.
Tech Ralph Sherman
Ralph Sherman is Captain Steele's technician. He also has the very important job of running the Company's unofficial official still. He is currently a Warrant Officer in Steele's Spartans.
Some documents list his name as Gunther Heinrick Strasse. In the Shadows of the Boston Sprawl he is known as Eclipse. He is a Street Samurai. He has been a Graduate Philosophy student at Berlin University, and EuroCorp Security. Some of his steady contacts include Moth, Hyss, Wiley, Ember, Zipper, and Lurch.
An Elven Wolf Shaman.  Ebony skin & moonlight pale hair marked him as someone out of the ordinary.  A veteran of a short lived, but nicely run Compu$erve PBEM campaign.
Alley Kat
Tamara Lang.  A young Shadowrunner born and raised in the CSA.  From another short lived Compu$erve PBEM game.
Johnny Lee Bushanks
A retired CSA combat mage.
Thomas Kennedy
A member of a wealthy, and politically connected, Boston family. He stays in his father's good graces (and in his pocketbook) by staying far away from Boston Society. After touring Europe, the Middle East, and the Far East (Staying one step ahead of bookies, jealous husbands, outraged fathers, and various Police Inspectors), Tom caught an Etherflyer to Mars. For more on Tommy, click here.
Rufus Hawkins
A veteran NCO of the British Royal Army (24th Foot). After surviving the Zulu Wars, he headed to Mars to seek his fortune. He is currently one of the Marines serving on the High Rhodes.
An ex-con who gained shape shifting powers. He was pressured into joining a Boston based group of Superheros by his Parole Officer.
Harold Blake
A squire to the Knight Ian McDuff. Harold is a handsome young cad. A bastard son of a bastard noble. He inherited all his dad's bad points, plus a few of his own. His father did keep up the payments to his mother, and provided some breaks. Probably because Harold was more like him than his legitimate children. One of Harold's few redeeming qualities is his loyalty to Sir McDuff.
A son of Bleys. From a dead PBEM game. More on Alexander.
Camaron Strasse
A member of the Scales of the Dragon branch of the Akashic Brotherhood. Think of a mix between Kwi-Chang Caine and The Badger. For more details click here.
Fibert "Doc" Camus, Ph.D
A follower of the Sons of Ether tradition. A MIT educated Scientist. A researcher who wants to follow in the footsteps of his heros, Doc Eon and Doc Savage. For more details click here.
Sub Lieutenant Sir Reginald Wallace "Bunny" Quimby, KS, Imperial Navy, Ret.
Generated as an exercise in T4 character design. Since many non-Americans call Traveller, "Yanks in Space", I came up with the "Brits in Space" concept. For more details click here.
Imperial Marine Sargent Major Dysart Kintaro
A six term Imperial Marine Non-com created for a PBEM game. For more details click here.
Imperial Army Captain Lothar Von Strasse
A dashing young hero created for a PBEM game. For more details click here.
UN Marine Gunnery Sergeant Quentin Norton Steele
A recruiting poster Marine. Part of a pre-Nth Instellar War Near Earth Traveller campaign that died before really getting started. The Senior NCO of the Marines on board.
UN Marine Lance Corporal Alice Aerin "Dodger" Dodgson
Part of a pre-Nth Instellar War Near Earth Traveller campaign that died before it's time. A menace on Shore Leave. The one you want covering you back in combat though.
Imperial Navy Petty Officer Third Class Viviana Amber Strasse
Recently riffed from the Imperial Navy after the Fifth Frontier War, this Technical Branch electronics troubleshoot and computer ace is on Regenia looking for adventure, and a steady paycheck. She was a character in a PBEM game that has actually got off the ground. I've written two short background stories about her. Interesting session, the players made the best of a GM who was a jerk. Said the game was one thing (members of a band and their crew), traveling about the Marches playing and doing covert intel work on the sly. Instead, right off the bat, the ship crashes on ice on a primative world, giving the crew just enough time to get off with the clothes on their back before it sinks below the ice and into deep water. Things got worse them there. The players were great, and made the best of it.
Imperial Navy Lieutenant Anthony Elvis Steele
Another PBEM character. This one is at the boarder of the Spinward Marches with a mixed crew of Imperial Navy and Imperial Interstellar Scouts on a dangerous mission. He is a former JAG investigator currently assigned to Security Branch and from there, Imperial Navy Intelligence.
Pepper Maize
Another PBEM character. Pepper served on small tramp free traders. She's tough, practical, good with people, and is always looking for what's in it for her.
Sir Jace Pedersen
Jace is a scholar and Imperial Noble who can be found in Rim Space. He is currently in the Pulp Hunters PBEM game.
Terran Confederation Naval Ensign Harold Randolf LeBlanc
"Binkie" LeBlanc is one of those TCN Ensigns put in charge of entire Villani planets at the beginning of the Rule of Man.
You may have noticed a multiple Steele and Strasse entries.
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