Eclipse prepares to re-enter the Shadows.

Things are too quiet here in Acton. Bishop says we could use the rest. I don't like sitting around growing soft. Our foes are still in the Sprawl, getting hard. It does, however, take time to gather the data needed to stop that pesky tusker before he gets lucky in one of his feeble attempts at assignation.

Today day started like all the others here. While Bishop slept away the dawn, I cleared space in the living room to exercise. First Tai Chi to center. Then the hard external forms of Bushido Kenpo Aiki Ryu (German Orthodox) to build power. By the time Bishop gets up, I'm finishing up with fingertip pushups. Once again he declines my offer of kumite.

He starts the coffee (coffee, not the coloured water Moth would prepare), as I throw together a simple breakfast (Moth, on the other hand, is a much better cook than Bishop). With that out the way, I sit down to scan the datanets with a fresh cup of coffee. Bishop uses this time to work on our motorcycles. He is constantly tinkering with them. I have to admit to an slight increase in performance.

Today data sweep starts off well. I get a call from a skilled armourer, a Swiss who perform custom work, operating in Somerville. I order something remove the Orc problem I have. My next problem is to assemble a team for the extraction job a Mr. J has lined up for me. Moth is trapped in Seattle with her mother, so I can't count on her. Ember's reliability has been erract lately. Perhaps he has been getting death threats from the elementals he so casually chews through. Strangely enough, my most reliable unit currently is Wiley. At least until he tires on the diversions I provide. While his approach to magick provides an edge over more traditional combat mages, I'll need someone to replace the firepower that Ember provided.

I was about finish up my data search for the day when I hit paydirt. An encrypted message from one of my contacts. The pest has been identified. The amateur trying to kill me was one Clarence Hughs. The data file was quite complete. Well worth the 3,500 NuYen I paid for it. Born to human parents in Buffalo, NY. He had a long and violent criminal Juvenile record. His potential was seen by the UCAS military, who took him off the streets. His military record showed an extensive period of training, advanced infantry, heavy weapons, demolition school, and several spec ops programs. After he finished his training, he ceased to exist officially. It looks like the UCAS government had him doing things they didn't want to admit to. He soon reverted back to his true form and went AWOL. He has been working freelance for just under a year now. Hired muscle to whom ever can meet his price.

It looks like I have to clean up after this decedent society once more.

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