Space Vermin RPG Association

Parva sed molestus genus

The Space Vermin is a group of people who play mostly Science Fiction based Role Playing Games. We started way back when as part of the now defunct Adventurers Guild of the former Orchard's Bookstore located on Moody Street (Waltham, MA). After Orchard's Bookstore closed down, we broke off on our own to continue our Adventures.

Just who are these Space Vermin anyway...

The membership includes:

What do those Space Vermin do anyway...

We're gamers and writers! The games we have taken a stab at include:

The saga of Haldane's Harriers and Steele's Spartans! Exciting 3025 Tech adventure. None of that 3050 bullstuff! That's for Momma's Boys & NAIS grads!

The adventures of the crew of the High Rhodes in the skies of Mars!

Explore the Shadows of the MetroBoston Sprawl.

Low lifes having High Adventure! Horses, Knights, and Magicians! Oh My!

A Boston based superhero teams faces interdimensional horror.

The crew of the March Hare explores the Spinward Marches in the aftermath of the 5th Frontier War!
Here is some examples of our Traveller Gearheading
I ran a T20 PBEM gamed called Pulp Hunters.

Grandchildren of Oberon stalking the Shadows in search of Adventure! A short lived PBEM game.

We always thought there was more to reality than meets the eye...

We're also writers! In addition to the fiction written documenting our games, Mitch has written several adventures.

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